Friday, December 5, 2008



You are going to hold me accountable.

Its now your new job in your already jam packed daily lives.

But it will WILL be your top priority because my health is important to you.

I will be doing my weigh in like my pals Courtney and Staci. I will be doing my weekly weigh in on Mondays. I weighed in this past Monday, finally admitted to my hubby about the weight I put on because of HIM stressing me out, and decided it was time to do something.

I like food. A lot.

As my body is showing every fat gram I INHALED. Because seriously, I don't remember any of it. Nothing was worth all this exhaustion and fat expansion.

Exercise....OH MY! That will come later I'm sure. The ab workout I attempted 2 days ago from ONDEMAND is now causing me pain when I laugh, scream at my kids, and sit up. So...I will work that in later.

Thanks for holding me accountable. I am counting on you.


Staci said...

you can do it!

Tracy said...

hey alicia, you dont need to go on a diet just have to get rid of stay away from the sweet tea! and you look fine dont be to hard on yourself.....want to start a weight loss on line each friday we weight in and post our loss or gain?

Courtney said...

You are going to do awesomely!! YAY LISHA!!

Cameron said...

Behind you 100%! You can do it!!!! Tracy has a point though about getting rid of Shane. Once he stops stressing you out...LOL.

Love ya!

Lisha said...

Staci, thank you thank you :)
Tracy, I have given up the sweet teas and haven't had one in 5 days and I cheated and checked the scale...unfortantely it isn't doing much of a difference. lol

Courtney, thank you for your support, you are my inspiration!

Mary and Tracy, again I can't get rid of hubby...but I can avoid eating what he eats. I just don't have the metabolism that man has! UNBELIEVABLE!

Liz said...

You can totally do it! Guys and their metabolism suck! It is not fair =)