Saturday, December 13, 2008

Candy Buckeyes

Cream together the following:

1 - 18 oz jar of peanut butter
1 stick of butter
1 T vanilla

Blend in 1 lb of powered sugar. Mix well and form into balls the size of a buckeye.

Mix in saucepan on very low heat the following:

1 - 12 oz pkg. semi-sweet chocolate chips
1/2 rectangle of paroffin wax (you can buy this at the grocery store and it's perfectly fine to eat)

Dip the balls into chocolate mix to coat leaving a small space amount uncovered. I use a toothpick to dip them and cover the small hole in the top when finished.
To make dipping easier, put the balls in the freezer for 20 min. before dipping.

About Buckeyes
The Buckeye – You may have had one these chocolate-lover's treat, but have you ever wondered where it got its name? This unique snack has a history just as rich as its flavor.
Candy buckeyes are named after the shiny, dark nuts of the Buckeye Tree – the official state tree for Ohio. The state's original settlers found it to be an unfamiliar tree in the forest, and adopted it as a symbol of Ohio heritage. These pioneers carved the soft buckeye wood into troughs, platters and even cradles. Today, buckeye trees are prominent in the Ohio River Valley, and are known for being resilient and hearty.
The nuts of the tree, which are actually mildly toxic, were given their name because of their resemblance to the eyes of white-tailed deer. Folk wisdom says that carrying a buckeye nut in your pocket brings good luck (but you might not want to try that with the candy variety).

From Your Mother


Courtney said...

I love you for putting a real recipe on here for these. My grandmother was from Ohio (and so is my Mom), so she used to make these when I was little. I LOVED THEM!! And now my husband does, too. I just can't find a decent recipe. Thanks!! These will make a wonderful Christmas present for him!!

Mary said...

Glad you could make him a great present for Christmas!

Jen said...

My aunt who lives in Ohio uses this same recipe. I have a different one. I must say, though, this recipe you have posted is the BEST!!!! My aunt makes some mean buckeyes!! Mine aren't bad though ;)