Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like...


I am not talking about all the lights on the outside of the house

MADNESS I swear....

A row of icicle lights on the garage and a candle in each window.

That is the extent of my Griswalds...cause a black out type of lighting.

The tree...the tree is where I am going with this.

No it doesn't catch on fire cuz the cat chews the lights.

It does, on the other hand, just fall....

Just falls right over thanks to old worn out plastic.

And YES I missed the picture of it. But...Hubby received one on his cell.

With a note...."It is waiting for you."

Why wait??

Because I wanted to buy a NEW one.

One that doesn't just fall.

Till then....here is our artifical tree rigged up in a real tree water feeder thingy.

But you can't tell, so LET IT BE lol....we are on a BUDGET.


Staci said...

he he he ! It looks pretty! What color is your wall color? It looks similar to mine! :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Sorry, I messed up me last post!

Your tree is pretty!!

I have an extra tree stand if you want it!!! It's just sitting here doing nothing!! Let me know and I can bring it to you!

Tracy said...

Hey lishia....i have an extra stand and an extra tree.....the gas may be cheaper then actually buying it all....lol....it looks pretty!

supah ~d said...

LOL... JUST TIE IT TO THE WALL. That's what we did. NO wait! We tied it to this ancient dumbell steve had from navy days. :)

Now that I think of it... oh my word.. that stand IS STILL BROKEN.. and I planned to use it this year. .budget minded.. FFFFFART.


I swear to you I'll tell shane you're passing it ALLL UP.

Sara said...

Cute pictures! It looks like the kids had a blast decorating the tree.

Hilary said...

You should ask Leo about the real tree we brought home... that was cut too short on the bottom so it decorated the deck one Christmas... and the fake one still made it up and decorate despite his "traditional" efforts... it never fails, huh?

Mary said...

You could just let it sideways and start a new tree trend! Hey, just trying to help.
love ya!

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