Tuesday, December 30, 2008

So it goes....

Today is my birthday.
The day that I dread.
5 days after Christmas every year.
The day I grow older.
Today I am 31 years old. And I finally feel it.

The past 6 days have been quite an adventure. We spent Christmas Eve at home with the kids doing the things we do every Christmas Eve. We put out the cookies and milk, exchanged the gifts we got for each other, and settled down for the big day.

So far...smooth sailing.

Christmas Day. The kids are AMAZED that Santa came over night and left them with buttloads of gifts ranging from toys to pjs to movies. Their faces were lit up and their eyes sparkled. And I got to sleep in till 8:15. Noah ripped open his presents at lightening speed and started to play after he realized that there were no more. Syd was still on her second gift when he finished. She had to open it, examine it, and play with it before opening the next one.

Around 10:30 we loaded up and headed out for our hour and a half trip to PA for our first of two Christmas dinners of the day. The first was grand. We had turkey and the fixings. We opened presents. The kids were tiring out. Syd fell asleep on her cousin's lap, and Noah kept bugging to go to Mimi's (my mom's house). Around 4:00ish, we left for my parents. We had the second dinner of the day of marinated pork loin, scallopped potatoes and more. Everything was delicious and my mom's house looked like something out of a magazine. We all exchanged gifts and wrapping paper was literally flying everywhere. There were presents going this way and that across the room, aunts and uncles putting together the toys, dogs chewing biscuits (that I made), puppies visiting, and there I sat....with the best Christmas present ever!! My mom bought me a SmartShopper. For those of you who like to organize and make lists...this is the gadget for you!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Thanks Mom :)

We spent the night there and the next day we came home for a few hours to relax. The kids got to play with their new toys and Hubby and I relaxed. Then that evening we left again for PA for yet another family dinner. The one was made my Aunt Tracy from NJ. She made her "Gravy" and it was delicious. Hubby left to meet up with one of HS friends and forgot to give me the kids pajamas and pullups for bed.....so the kids stayed up as long as they could till they crashed. Hubby came home and rambled about his MOST exciting night. We slept in the next morning only to leave again for another trip home.

Saturday: Spent the day at home...Noah was starting to cough at night and in the morning. His fever continued around 100.5ish. I just felt something was wrong. We tried to go to the Urgent Care on Friday but it was a 3 hour wait, so we waited b/c we didn't think it was anything serious. He complained of nothing. Kids played the day away. Back to PA for another family dinner....more delicious turkey. Syd was awkward upon arrival due to a strange place and different people, but eventually warmed up. Noah was running around and had a coughing fit. This is when I realized that it was serious.

We left for home and put the kiddos to bed. We decided to stop at the Urgent Care on our way to PA that Sunday afternoon. Thank God we did b/c they diagnosed Noah with pneumonia. It was mainly in his right lung, but not too serious. We caught it early enough. However, they felt it was necessary for us to go to the ER and be treated with Antibotic in an IV. So after a 3 hour wait at Urgent Care, Syd peeing her pants in the car, me having to buy her new clothes and undies to change her, missing the Shaffer family gift exchange and dinner, Noah and I sat in the ER for 5 and a half hours.

I am not sure what is worse.....Noah sitting through a rated R movie in HD or what he saw in the ER for 5.5 hours.

As we sat there, we saw people of all kinds. People you didn't know existed, people puking everywhere, you name it....it was there.

At one point a very obese woman walked by us and it was like in the movies where things go in V E R R Y S SLOW motion!! Noah says LOOK AT THAT!! and his hand slowly comes up with his fingers to a point right at her belly hanging down......and hand flys over to his mouth and covers it before he can finish SHE IS ___________.

After the woman was away from us, I asked him what he was going to say and
he said, "I don't know the word Mommy."
I said, "Yes you do Noah, you can tell Mommy."
He said, "I don't remember."

I said, "God made us all different honey. There are skinny people, fat people, people of different colors..." blah blah blah....

He said, "Then what is wrong with her?" He looks right at this lady who had bottle cap glasses who was probably legally blind.
I exlained that she was blind and had difficutly seeing.

If you want to give your children a lesson on life....go to the ER. :)

So finally today on my birthday I thought for sure that things would slow down. But Syd woke up with belly pains and puked all over the kitchen floor. I am grateful that it wasn't carpet. :)

She is good now :) Thanks for your emails and calls :) Noah is recooperating as well.

Tonight we watched Horton Hears a Who with the kids. So it goes.....


Anonymous said...

Oh geesh!!! I don't even know what to say!! I hope everyone is feeling better and I hope you got to celebrate a little of your bday!!! You are officially IN your 30's now!! Fun times, I tell ya!

Cameron said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY LISHA! I wanted so bad to stop over and give you a birthday hug but I am dealing with my own "stuff" right now...not fun times over on La Costa. But, I have been thinking about you and hope you got my eCard. We will have to celebrate with lunch on me sometime soon. I am glad that everyone is feeling better. Glad Noah responded so quickly to the antibiotics and Sydney is ok too. I hope you had a great day and enjoyed yourself. Never fret about getting older. You may feel it but there are plenty of good times ahead as we get older. You are beautiful and are aging gracefully. I would never peg you for 31. You are still super young. Cary says Happy Bday too....birthday buddies. Love you!

Sara said...

Happy Birthday Lisha! I hope you are enjoying your special day.

It sounds like you have had a week full of excitement. I hope your kids are feeling better very soon. I can deliver you a sweet tea from McDonald's to help cheer you up.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! I hope your children are better...so sad when the little ones are sick. HB to you! 31 is not old! how would you like to be 37?? Enjoy it, girl , you're a baby!

Goosie and Boomer Bowtique said...

I think it should be called "Horton Gives a WTF..." in your case!!!!!! GEESH, Lisha... you have been through the worst of it this holiday season! I hope things get better and once again... happy birthday... and just wait till you are my age... i have just days to go until the next move towards the 40 yard line :).
Hang in there... and you don't look a day over 22!!!!!!!!!! hee hee hee

Johnnie Avocado said...

aw man.....what funny is your story is "The Life of Parents" you know? Overwhelmed, and sick kids, etc. Sounds like the family time was great though

tracy said...

hey lisha you forgot to add shane's reaction to the gravy....lol....im glad everyone is feeling better. I dont know if i wished you happy b'day but happy belated b-day! P.S. you dont have to call me aunt......lol....id rather cousin or something....lol....and drink all the sweat tea you can today cause tommorrow we are on for our new year weight loss

"Gorgeous Mommy" said...

Happy Birthday! Hope the kids have a speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

First, Happy Birthday! Second, I hope everyone is feeling better today. We went out for our first night out since the baby was born and get a call about an hour after we left that Carter was sick. Then, Caden actually sleeps the whole night through, and I'm AWAKE because I'm getting sick!! Like you said...so it goes! lol!~Melissa

Mary said...

You'll never forget the memories of this Christmas. I'm glad the kids are feeling better. Love you and Happy Birthday!