Saturday, January 31, 2009

Time with Mimi and Pappy

We had a pleasant surprise today! My parents, AKA Pappy and Mimi, called last night and asked if we would be around on Saturday. And of course we would be for a visit from them. The kids were SO excited!!

When Mimi and Pappy got here we went to lunch. After lunch, the kids split their time with each grandparent. They both read books, played dollhouse and Barbies, Star Wars toys, and cars! Here are a couple videos of today's adventure with Pappy and Mimi!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Proud Mama

I am so sorry for the numerous blogs during the past couple days...I am out of control!

Thank you for coming by and commenting even though my ramblings are boring and ordinary, I do appreciate your comments and understanding of my randomness! :)

Noah came home today beaming...he just LOVES school. Getting him up in the morning is not a chore (yet) and I am staying postive on that!! :) He came home with his sight words list today and he knew that if he got a 100% he would get to go to the store and pick out a Star Wars figure.

Here is my boy beaming with pride...look at his face...and sorry flashes of Hubby in the tub this time!! Ta he he he.....

Chewy Granola Bars

I follow an incredible blog called Ordinary Life Magic and she posted a recipe today for Chewy Granola Bars....

I have been so good with my "new healthy lifestyle" for the past 4 weeks and my cravings for something chocolate and peanut butter have been OVERWHELMING me, so the only thing I could do is meet them.

Thanks to THIS most delicious needs are met.

Go print the recipe and check out some of her other postings. She is so creative!


So, I sent my little man off on the bus this morning beaming with pride. He worked so hard the last couple days on all his sight words. He is reading them so fast I can't even keep up with him! And today is his day. His day to read his words and get a prize. Last week he missed a couple and he was so disappointed. My son takes a lot of pride in the things he does and I just love to see his excitement when learning and reading!!

He knows if he brings his paper home and it says 100% (and Hubby told me if he only misses one...but we didn't tell him that) he gets to go to the store and pick out a new Star Wars figure. He is SO pumped. When he blew me a kiss from the bus....he was beaming because we ran through the words right before leaving the house and he got all the words right!! I am one proud Mama!!

And I am beaming because today is FRIDAY!! You know what that means??? My hubby will be home tonight (he cancelled b-ball practice), I get to sleep in tomorrow morning till 8:00!! WOOHOO!!! The Steelers play this weekend in the Superbowl and I get to get groceries and weigh in and spend time with my kids and get the rest of the things I need for my favorite things swap I am particpating in, and and and...well that is about it.

So have a great FRIDAY!! I am off to vacuum and mop and make a Groundhog's Day craft with the girls!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just annoyed....

Do you have those days where everything is ANNOYING??

I am not easily annoyed, so the fact that today was one of those days means only one thing...I had to take 2 birth control pills in one day thanks to me missing one cuz of the wonderful ice storm. I couldn't go pick up my prescription until today.

So, hormones are somewhat inbalanced, so the next time I feel annoyed, I will warn you via twitter or my status on facebook. *Chuckle* Annoyed or not...I still can laugh at myself. :)

Annoying things today:
  • The sounds of voices asking for this and that while you are trying to just get ONE thing accomplished in your life?? I just wanted to clean my kitchen and load the dishes....and everyone around me broke down...So, the best thing I could do was just to stop and sit down and pay attention to them. Sometimes I just have to sit back and realize that being a Mom isn't just about doing the dishes and keeping the kitchen clean...its about spending time with my children.
  • The left eye which will NOT stop twitching no matter what I do!! It started this morning and has yet to stop. ALL EFFING DAY!! It won't stop...even when I closed my eyes on the couch when Hubby came home. It just twitched and twitched and twitched and I just researched it....Before I decide on Botox...which really wouldn't hurt or surgery or drugs.....I figured this fit more of why my eye won't stop its twitching:

Preventative measures are important. Since stress causes almost all muscle problems, including blepharospasm, to worsen, it is important to minimize and avoid stress. Whether this means embarking upon stress management through cognitive therapy, occupational therapy, or other types of group therapy or support meetings, these methods of improving and developing coping mechanisms should be explored.

Hmm....avoid THAT is funny!! Group therapy?? Support meetings??

My introduction at my support meeting:

ME: Hi my name is Alicia and I have eye spasms.

GROUP: Hi A....L.....I......C......I......A Welcome.

ME: I am so glad to be here. Thank you for having me. The eye spasms are taking over my life. I struggle daily with never getting a full nights rest, I can't keep up with life, I am a worrysome person, I need balance....I have EVERYDAY STRESS!!! I need relief!!!

WTF??? There HAS to be a better answer than....Eye twitches = support meetings

  • And comments people have about a video you post about your daughter bathing with her Daddy? The point people was the CUTENESS of my daughter....(Tracy..this is NOT you. I know you were just picking on Shane) but others just ANNOY me. I just don't get where this world is coming too?? I think my daughter is cute and I wanted to share her pure joy of life...doing something she enjoys doing....YES we are those parents who bath with our kids EVERY NIGHT!! We spend quality time together that others dont get because they think we are WEIRD!! I am proud to have the closeness we have as a family. My kids are growing and very soon they won't be spending that kind of time with us anymore. I will miss it so I treasure it. So if think that I shouldn't post a video like that then....BITE ME.

There I feel a LOT better :) Thanks for listening LOL...thank goodness for this blog because it allows me to just VENT when I need it. Cuz some days I just do.

Here's my video.....My daughter with her loving father :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Everyone deserves a "snow" day!

I remember the days when I worked full-time teaching and was given 3 "personal" days a year.

I took those sometimes just to sit at home and have a MENTAL day....just for me. Believe me... you might think we teachers get "mental" days all summer....but that isn't the case. Teachers work throughout the year, summers are filled with conferences and classes. And if you dealt with the what teachers deal with on a daily basis, you would see how important those "mental" days are!!

On those "mental/personal" days, I would sleep in, watching trashy television, read, search the Internet, and just relax. Since I have had children and decided to stay home, I don't get "personal" days. I rarely get a break from life.

Quiet time does not exist. And when it gets quiet at night or if they are at the grandparents, it feels something is SO wrong. It becomes uncomfortable to me.

So, snow days have become my "personal" days. I get to spend my time with my kids and get to do the things I enjoy doing.


Well, I babysit for 2 teachers, so on snow days they get to stay home with their children and have "personal" days at home and so do I! So, today and yesterday were wonderful for my mental state and hubby's as well. He finally got a couple snow days as well. His county he teaches for RARELY cancels, so it was a blessing for him as well. We needed the stress free day at home!

Yesterday allowed me to catch up on laundry, cleaning, and organzing files and the kids' rooms.

Today allowed me to relax. Hubby and I played outside with Noah and Sydney, exercised twice today, once with I moved to Level 2 of her 30 day shred and it was a KILLER!! and then I jogged on the tredmil. I was working it!!

Finally, I took a nice bubble bath in the Jacuzzi bathtub.....oh the relaxation!!

I DESERVED this day!! It was FABULOUS!!

How do you spend your "snow" days???

Outside Adventures

I love LOVE our community...except its lack of hills! But when the ice coats over the 3 inches of makes any SLIGHT incline THE best place to sled ride!! Hubby and I took the kids outside for sledding, snow angels, eating snow, playing with friends, and shoveling snow!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Alicia needs.....

Whoever thought this one up is HILARIOUS!! I wish I could be so witty!

Cynthia and a few other blogs I have seen have done this as a post and it is so much fun!

You go to, type in your name and write needs after it....for example, Alicia needs and click search. Then take the top 10 and list then. Comment after each one!

This is great!!

1. Alicia needs more funky beats and innovative tunes in her music.

Oh yes I do. Funky beats keep me going especially this time of the year. If I listen to country, I would be depressed all winter long!

2. Alicia needs a very special environment in which she will be protected.

Yes I do...I am precious. I need to be protected!

3. Alicia needs to know if there are scissors, crayons, paper, and pencils at home.

Yep, I got scissors (check), crayons (lots of them...check), paper (check), and pencils (check).

4. Alicia needs new home.

No, I don't. But my hubby would say otherwise. He likes our home just not where we are...oh well. I am winning :)

5. Alicia needs a freshman class president slogan?!?!? never was class president and never would want to be. So dumb...

6. Alicia needs to apologize for conceited comment

I don't need to apologize for anything...especially a conceited comment because I don't make them...unless you call number 2 a conceited comment LMAO.

7. Alicia needs new bike.

I guess so. I haven't had one since I was a kid, and I'd love to ride around the community with Noah. So, I guess so!

8. Alicia also needs to look at Maggie's chronological age and her developmental readiness to learn how to form alphabet letters .

OMG this sounds like my job as a special educator....maybe it's my calling to go back to work??

9. Alicia needs a loan of $375.

Shit, don't we all need that much money and more??

10. Alicia needs to continue to challenge herself in terms of the level of thinking, leadership, and writing abilities.

Level of thinking....does "How can I fit all 2 loads of dishes in one load??" count? and does "Okay kids we are leaving. Grab your coats, gloves, hats, and get in the car." count for leadership?? and does blogging count for my writing abilities? If so....I am challenging myself :)

My big butt and some recent products.....

You know how your rear end is always there, it just tags along for the ride??
You forget what it looks like since it out of your eyesight??
You have twist and turn to see it? And when you just hate it so you avoid looking?
Well, my big butt is what gives me a isn't "big" per say, but more of a wide, flat landing.... the planes flying over my house could very well mistaken it for a runway....

My butt provides fun times in our house.
My son and daughter find it HILARIOUS to smack my butt and yell, "BIG BUTT!!" My Noah started it and then my 2 1/2 year old daughter started to pipe in. I am sure my reaction, "Oh no it isn't!!" and chasing them through the house with giggles doesn't help, but we make it fun! Well, now I am beginning to wonder if they MEAN it when they say they know something I can't see???

Anyway, yesterday I was uploading pictures when I came upon this........apparently my son had the camera and was taking some of his pictures. Gotta love what they see at their eye level... poor child...I am devasting him if this is what he sees everyday!!

Yep, that would be my flat wide ONLY looks this bad in my sweats....jeans with pockets and buttons on the back give my butt a little Not that much, but just a little "trick" to eyes......

I AM THIS............CLOSE to buying those padded undies. And if I will WILL support me, cuz if you had a butt like this, you would too!!

This picture is being posted because my butt WILL NOT look like this in about 3-4 more weeks. At the rate I am going, it will only be flat but NOT wide :)
Oh I can feel the excitement!!

Okay the whole purpose of this blog was to tell you my EXCITEMENT of some new things I spent money on! I know right?? Me spend money ??? LOL...but it was Christmas money I have been hoarding for a good purpose. And I found it!!

I went to good ol' Wally World for groceries and ended up with a cart full!! I also got myself a new rug for my 1/2 bath, a much needed laundry basket, a new wallet for the purse my mom got me for Christmas, new underwear, pillows for my couch, kitchen towels and dish cloths, and my favorites are:

My new water bottle to make sure i get my 8 waters a day! I love it!! Not bad for 2 bucks!!!
I don't have time to "count" my waters and measure them out everyday, so this keeps me responsible for my water intake! And a plus...when I am done with it, it is recyclable!!
and then these VERY cute shoes for my daughter!! They have like the CUTEST patterns on them and you can't beat the $ I am waiting for them to go on sale :) Or for Mimi to buy her some more lol. She loves them!! She tried to leave the store with 3 pairs and I had to talk her into picking one....she gets that from her Mimi.....her love for shoes!!

Well, I am off to get the girls ready for open gym. The snow was falling pretty strong, but has slowed to flurries. I am now awaiting the upcoming storm...if the forecasters get it right this time!! Winter stinks unless there is some snow to keep me and my kids home in front of the fire, sipping hot chocolate, and playing outside!!
Have a good one!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Elliott

This is my Elliott.

My boy.

The little guy who follows me around everywhere.

He just turned 7 and he is still as handsome as the day we got him. He is a shih-tzu and I love him to pieces... even though he poops in my house, pukes on my couch, and smells like a dirty sock. My dad says he is like a dirty sock....he doesn't stink till you move him *chuckle* My dad is the funniest person I know :)

As most of you know Elliott received a nickname from the other funniest person in my life, ~d. She named him Smelliott because he has such a stinky face!! The name has stuck and we call him that after the cologne from the groomers wears off. He gets groomed=Elliott....starts to stink about 2 weeks later=Smelliott.

He is the most loving, patient, sweetest dog you have ever met. Despite the pooping, puking, and stinky face, he is a part of our family. I would not give him up for the world!!

Sunday's Weign In

Life is sweet.

The sun is shining.
My house is clean.
Groceries for the week are bought.
Kids are playing nicely together in the basement.
Hubby is home for the WHOLE day.
I got to see Amy's new baby....I stalked her out the window as she pulled in the driveway. She is sweet and perfect.
Laundry is caught up.
And I weighed in this morning.

I am DOWN one pound!!! Not bad for having some cravings this a half a bag of Valentine heart candy. :) Exercising at home with the videos has changed my body significantly. After 3 weeks, I am more flexible, my balance has improved, I am stronger, I have more energy, I feel better, and best of all I am losing.

Total of 5 lbs in 3 weeks. Slow but steady :)

Right now I am praying for the snow storm to give us some accumulating snow on Tuesday-Thursday.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Morning Fun!!

This morning Mary and I took our kids and hit up the town...well 2 towns to be exact...for lots of kiddy fun and much needed adult time!

We first ventured out to Busy Bodies Playnasium for lots of jumping, running, giggling, climbing, sliding, exploring, you name it! The kids had a blast. This was Noah and Cameron's first trip and they really had a nice time! Syd was old pro since we had been there one other time with a couple other friends. Very nice little place....great to burn energy!!

The kids had their lunch...or part of it....they were too busy to eat at the Playnasium and after we headed out for our next stop!! MICKEY DEES for the MOMS :) We had our sweet teas and then next stop.....

Wonderment Puppet Theatre!! I taught with Joe, the puppeteer, a few years back right after Noah was born. He is a crazy, talented guy!! The kids seemed to have fun....Syd had a bad case of gas (gets that from her Mama!) and Cam tried to escape once, but it was funny and kept the kids laughing...and us too!!

Here are some pictures from our adventure!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Tension and how I deal

Okay, so tonight is my fourth night of working online and also watching after my kids at the same time while Hubby coaches and plays poker. And he started to FINALLY stress about the messy house TONIGHT because all week he didn't care since my hands have been a little full.

While talking to my friend Mary, I realized that my Hubby just needs to get laid, and tonight it WONT be better monthly friend is visiting (Flo). So, I am about this hiring a hooker so he will just RELAX!!

Good night to all and I hope you have a STRESS-LESS weekend!

My girl

I seem to catch some of my cutest shots of my daughter when she is eating. Maybe it is because she is actually sitting STILL and I can catch her cute moments :) She is such a busy body getting her to sit still long enough for pictures is so difficult!
These are some of the photos I caught of her eating the other day.....I just love her beautiful eyes and her scary faces lol :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Reasons I don't go to a gym

While busting my butt today with my exercise video in my very comforting living room, I was reminded of why I enjoy working out at home instead of going to the gym. For those of you who know me know how much I can lack in the "lady" department. For those of you who are getting to know me....

RUN.....RUN FAR AWAY!!! ta he he he.....

Reasons I don't go to the gym:
And THIS is NO exaggeration. This stuff happens to me.

5. I have no coordination. While doing my jumping jacks, I hit my hand off the ceiling fan! It wouldn't have hurt so badly if the fan wouldn't have been flying at full speed!

4. I have hangy down parts that people just DO NOT want to see!! I was doing plank jacks and I could only think about one thing during the entire PAINFUL experience was "Please God do not let anyone walk in and see my chubs hitting the floor before my feet!"

3. You should have seen these Double D's jumping around when doing jumping jacks. Talk about 2 black eyes!! So embarrassing!

2. I breathe so heavy that if I were standing beside you in an exercise class, you would think one of my lungs was punctured! On top of that, my face turns the color of grandma's pickled beets!

and number one reason I do not go to the gym:

1. I have the WORST case of gas!! Thanks to the increase of Fiber in my diet, I toot at every jump, every crunch, ever squat!! Again, it wouldn't be so bad but an increase of fiber= an increase of STINK!!

So, I will save the American people and remain in my house with closed and LOCKED doors as I continue my exercise regime!

Award?? I'll take it!!

Thank you Staci over at Playing House. She passed on this award to me...littl' ol' me :) I am standing proud....can you see me down here on Caledonia?? Can you? Can you? heheheheh. Thanks Staci! So here we go.....

Here are the rules...

The rules for the Honest Scrap award -

The honorees are to:
A) first list 10 honest things about yourself - and make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep!
B) pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap. 10 honest things.....

1. I want to talk my hubby into having our 3rd child now and not when HE wants too. I still feel a little empty without the third....I know God will allow it to happen when it is time...I just need to trust in Him.

2. I love the smell of gas exhaust. lol. What is it about that stuff?? hehehe

3. I have ugly feet...I am talking UGLY, but I love them because they are so "special" in my family....we all have them....except my Mom's pretty feet! If I could get toe extensions for my baby toes I would :)

4. I bite my nails...I bite them terribly. I have stopped for months at a time at least 3 times in my lifetime. It takes too much effort.

5. I have only had surgery one time....when I got my appendix out in May of 2007. It was the worst pain EVER!

6. I am a nervous and worrysome person. I worry about a lot....secretly...hence the nail biting.

7. This is hard...I am so boring....hmm.....I am scared DAILY that something will tragic will happen to my family.

8. I want a tummy tuck after the last baby (see number 1 lol). SERIOUSLY want it. I can't live with this anymore.

9. I want to punch my hubby in the face sometimes. OMG he can be so dumb about things....
I haven't yet...but I think about it.....A LOT to be exact.....:)

10. I procrastinate on things because I do better under pressure. I can think clearly and am not distracted. I plan mentally for A LONG TIME and then at the last moment I pull it all together.

Well that is about it....Now to nominate. I am going to nominate 7,

Nominations.....drum roll please......

1. My mom :) at She is the bomb :)
2. My "Aunt" Tracy at She is so creative!
3. Gorgeous Mommy at Adorable kids
4. Courtney at My inspiration!
5. Casey at Great ideas and menu plans!
6. Tammi at Creative (cards/scrapbooking)
7. Liz at

Enjoy their blogs and get on the 10 honest things ladies!! Thanks for participating!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Freaking OUT!!

I am freaking out!

The other night I opened the door to my garage to put a screwdriver back and what did appeared before my weary eyes???


He was running along the top of my shelf.....hopefully sipping some antifreeze or sucking down some windshield cleaner.....

I told Hubby...his solution.....keep the door closed and it will stay in the garage.

Well I am thinking that the mouse is not JUST in the garage.

*Sidenote* Back in college my hubby and I rented the biggest piece of crap trailer in the most nasty WT trailer park ever!! But our rent and bills were cheap so we couldn't complain. We listened to the rain hit the tin roof...still something I miss....and set out mouse traps on a weekly basis to keep the mice count down. I was used to it. Even when we moved closer to campus to rent another crappy place (an apartment) we moved up to BIGGER mice and had what looked like Sewer rats!! I have never seen my hubby jump so high and scream for me to get a bowl!! and mice go well together if I am looking at them through a cage at Petco, but they are not allowed in my where NEAR IT!

Back to the present.....

So i went to plug my cell phone in by my couch in the living room and there the plug had been chewed on. I NEVER thought it might be a mouse. We built this house 7 years ago and we haven't had a single mouse or mouse droppings. So, I assumed that maybe my daughter chewed on it....I know...but it is possible!!

Then again this morning, the little girl I babysit wanted the little "pretend" computer so she could "blog" with me (yes Jamie that is your daughter lmao). So I hunt it down and it was under the same couch that I found my chewed up cell phone charger. And low and behold.......

The "pretend" laptop mouse cord was chewed on.......hmmm.........

Does this mean I have a mouse??? I am starting to FREAK OUT!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009


I couldn't believe it!!

It actually started to snow today!! We got a couple inches and we couldn't have been happier!

And the weather people didn't even predict it for us.....that is believable!!

The kids had fun outside.....and my lips got chapped.

Check it out....I caught a snowflake falling in front of Noah's face lol lol.....oh well.....still cute!

PS: I posted the Bridal shower on my other blog:
Check her out :)

Bridal Shower

I spent many days preparing for my first bridal shower. I threw one for my close friend Jolie who is getting married at the end of March. I threw it at my home as the shower could be more intimate with mainly friends and a few family. (She is having a family one in February).

The wedding colors are 2 shades of purple (lilac and lapis). I went with the colors from the wedding and decorated the house accordingly. A few of her closest friends and bridesmaids helped me with gifts for the games and food. I couldn't have pulled it off without them!

Theme: Belly Up to the Bar (the couple just had their basement finished and had a bar put in. They do A LOT of we were there for the past 2 Sundays for Steelers games) This was a perfect theme for them. Guests included bar items with their gifts. I bought a beautiful basket at Michaels craft store as well for guests to put their bar gifts in at the guest table.

Colors: 2 shades of purple and creme

Decorations: Pompoms easily made at Martha Stewart. Very easy and only costs a dollar a piece!! They give the room a classy look for CHEAP :) That is my kind of decoration

I bought martini glasses and tall bar glasses at the Dollar Tree and filled them with my friend's favorite candies.

I created a bulletin board (from Michaels using my 50% off coupon) and added scrapbook paper and pictures. This was a great way to display pictures of the couple, decorate the shower, and give them something functional to use at home.

Then to add some more color I just used your old school streamers and balloons in other areas. Nothing exciting!! :) Just make sure you TRIPLE tape because they will fall on your guests' heads lol.

FOOD: We had a large range of food. I made meatballs (my mom's recipe she found awhile back) with small potato rolls....kinda like meatball sliders, The Butterscotch Brickle Cheese ball from Tastefully Simple, Peach Schnapps Slushies (from our Aunt Angie), Raspberry Sherbert punch, and with the others we had chips, 3 different dips, veggie tray, wraps, cheese and cracker tray, little smokies in crescent rolls, cake that the bride's mom made from scratch YUMMY!, and sodas. It was amazing! We had plenty of food and it was delicious!!

GAMES: We chose a couple games. Gifts of Bath & Body works and candles were purchased for the weiners...I mean WINNERS :)

The games were: Pass the Presents, a game for the Bride using love story questions...Read His Mind, and Toilet Paper Wedding Dress where the Bride votes for the best one. You can find these games and several other unique bridal shower games here.

Pass the Presents...they LOVED this game!! It was hilarious!


We started off with everyone lingering around talking with friends and the Bride.

People began filling their plates and chatting.

After eating, I began the first game of Pass the Presents. I did 2 different groups since there were about 30 guests. One group chatted while the other played and vice versa.

Then we cut the cake.

After cake, Jolie opened her presents.....she seemed very pleased with all that she had received.

I, then, got guests together for the Toilet Paper wedding dress competition. They had a blast!! The bride voted for the best dress and that group got gifts!!
The best part was when we gathered all the guests and the bride around the big screen and played the Read His Mind game. I previously recorded the Groom answering love story questions and then at the shower we asked the bride to answer the questions like the Groom would have. After she answered each question....we played his answer. At the end of the video, the Groom gave a special message for the Bride.....when the message was over the Groom walked into the room and brought the Bride roses :) It was a sweet ending to a special, memorable shower!!

Sunday's Weigh In

Well Well Well....I am happy to announce that I have had a Fabulous weekend!! Very fast... but very fabulous. I threw the bridal shower for my good friend on Saturday. It was a hit...I will post some pictures on my other blog once i get my NEW computer...yes I said NEW computer loaded up with my digital camera software. It went so well and I am very proud to say that I can throw a pretty nice bridal shower :) A big THANK YOU goes to the girls who helped me get that shower running...without you it wouldn't have been such a success!!

Hubby and I took the kids to Red Lobster on Friday night along with our friend (whom I threw the shower for). I chose the best items from the menu that I could and made good choices...well except for the 3 biscuits lol. I had the wood-grilled salmon and grilled shrimp and a salad with red wine vingerette. DELICIOUS!! okay I will stop rubbing it in lol....

Then Saturday I ate like a pig at the shower but avoided food all day till the shower!! And DRUMROLLL............

I LOST 2 lbs this week!! TOTAL OF 4 lbs!!! WOOHOO!!!

Thank you Thank you Thank you *bowing* lol

Well off to get groceries, a router for my new laptop, and do times right??

Yummy Mummy's Giveaway!!

You HAVE to go check out Yummy Mummy's blog for a FAB giveaway of a gift basket of her favorite things.....

I am talking gift cards, chocolate, and a custom made camera strap!! Very cute!!

Get there :)

Friday, January 16, 2009

You've been Tagged

Okay....Thanks Staci...I will get you back my pretty......

Here are the rules:

1) Take a picture of yourself right NOW!
2) DON'T change your clothes; DON'T fix your hair... Just take a picture.
3) Post that picture with NO editing.
4) Post these instructions with your picture.
5) Tag 10 people to do this..

and here is my CRAPPY picture!!

Who I am tagging...hopefully I dont repeat anyone from Stacis....i can't remember

1. Debby

2. Courtney

3. My mom

4. Tracy

5. Amy

6. Liz

7. Gorgeous Mommy

8. Ms Pulp

9. Tammi

10. The Fryor Clan

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Absolutely boring

My life right now is absolutely boring.

I have nothing to blog about.

My brain is dead.

My house is a mess.

I am throwing a bridal shower on Saturday and I have 3 million things to do before then.

On a good note....I did go out with a couple friends to an indoor gym yesterday morning and then we hit up Mickey D's for lunch! It was a MUCH needed day out for me and the girls. We had lots of fun! Thank you Staci for recommending it and getting us all together. I..I mean the girls...had a great time!! :)

Now for my ramblings....

I just spent the last 30 mins wasting time looking at a couple "creative" blogs on the Internet. I get so frustrated and lose my inspiration, because it looks like everyone has so much money and can afford to have a cute little craft room and all the necessities. I just can't do that right now. I WANT it, but it isn't in the cards. Funny thing is...I have a "craft room" but nothing to fill it with.

I am making my sacrifices to stay home and sometimes I just WANT to be selfish. But most of you know me and know that I am the FURTHEST thing from selfish. However, there is a tiny tiny piece of me that really wants to start doing more for me. I want to do more of my interests, go back to work, and make my own money.

Most of me says no way. This is what I want for my kids. They get what they need and want first. The best thing is for me to be with my kids and be here with them till they go to school. Then my hubby and I will have the same hours (given that we are both teachers), so I won't feel like I am missing out on anything.

I never in a million years thought of myself as a Stay at home mom. Frankly, I still don't. To me a stay at home mom stays home with their kids and does housework. I think I fall more in the Work at home mom category. I get to be home, but I am always working. Hubby says to stop, we don't need the money to make the bills, but I can't stop.

Something is missing being home. I like the feeling of "pitching in", doing my part, and staying busy. I may complain sometimes about the busy-ness, but over Christmas break when I wasn't babysitting, working online, or tutoring, I was BORED since I only had to entertain my kids and LAZY!! I also got a cold because my body stopped.

I am sorry I am rambling, but I am sorting out my emotions. I am so confused with what I want and what the best thing to do is. My ideal would be: Me working part-time, Noah in school (which he is already), and Syd attending pre-school while I am working. Then the other times I would be just home with Sydney and have fresh baked cookies and milk for Noah when he got off the bus. But my ideal world isn't functional. Me working part-time would only pay for the 3 year old preschool hours. lol. So I give up.

It's either Work from home or work full-time.

Over the next couple months I will be revisiting this because in the spring is when I will be making my decision to start looking for teaching jobs.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Homemade Peanut Butter Dog Treats

This is one for the dog lovers out there who like to give their pets a little treat :)

I searched the Internet high and low for a good PB recipe for homemade dog treats. I tried two different ones and the verdict is in. The kids had a blast making these for all the dogs we know!

This is the favorite one by the dogs and very easy to make!:

Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits

2 Cups whole-wheat flour
1 Tablespoon baking powder
1 Cup peanut butter
1 Cup skim milk

Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. In a bowl, combine flour and baking powder. In another bowl, mix peanut butter and milk. Add wet mixture to dry and mix well.

Turn out dough on a lightly floured surface and knead. Roll out to 1/4 inch thickness and cut out shapes. Place on a greased baking sheet and bake 20 mins or until lightly brown. Cool on a rack and store in an airtight container.

Makes about 20-30 dog biscuits

Enjoy :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekend Report

What a weekend and how it goes so fast!

On Saturday I spent most of my day in Hagerstown shopping for things I needed for a bridal shower I am throwing for a close friend of mine.

Side note: Stay tuned on my other blog for all the fabulous decorations and things I am doing!

While there, I stopped by Michaels (craft store) for some items. I saw that their Christmas trees were down from $299.99 to $59.99. I have been watching them since after Christmas because our artificial one was shot. They have been $99.99 for the LONGEST time!

I called Hubby and made him come in with the kids and check it out while I finished shopping. He came in and we were all excited about the $60 deal on a 7 1/2 foot prelit tree!

Another customer said, "I just talked to the manager and if you ask to talk to him you could the same deal as I did. They are selling it to me for $40."

So, Hubby asked to talk to the manager about the trees.
The manager sent a girl out and said we could have the trees for $20!!!!
We of course bought 2 of them. We would have gotten more but we had no room for them!

Now I will have a tree for me and a tree for the kids to decorate! I can't even believe we got such a deal! They just wanted to get rid of them. It pays to be in the right place at the right time!

Now today I weighed in this morning because I officially started my exercising and eating healthy. Thank goodness b/c I have seen a HUGE difference.

My weigh in this morning was:

DOWN 2 LBS!!!! and the best part is I dropped a pant's size!!! I am so excited!! Plus I can make it up all the stairs in my house without running out of breath! This is a big change for me over the last couple months. I thought for sure I dropped more weight by the way my belly has flattened, however I guess I am getting some muscle!

Now I am off to finish the rest of my day.

I am going to go get groceries. Thanks to my SmartShopper from my has simplified my life.

I am going to do the rest of the laundry and get it put away for the week.

And I am going to carpet clean my living room. We are slowly saving to get rid of the carpet on our main floor. I can't stand it anymore!! Where does the dirt come from??

I am also fixing the curtain rod over the sliding glass door. It has been falling down for a couple months now and I have been waiting for it to fix itself. lol.

I gotta exercise today too. Jillian and I are almost ready to move onto the second workout. We are busting a move!

Have a great day!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Making a Diaper Cake

Back in 2006 the girls in the school cafeteria where I was teaching at the time made me THE cutest diaper cake ever. I had never seen or heard of one before and I was amazed at the idea of it. I think people look at it and believe that it is so hard to make, but it is so easy!
I made one, well actually two, for my friend Amy, who is having her fourth baby at the end of this month. A group of her friends and I threw her a surprise baby shower. The one girl added on some things she made from her Cricut, which I do not have....but will someday, to make it flashier.
However, below are several pictures of what it looked like after I made it. It still looked presentable and stunning. Take a look!!
And I included the video I followed so I could make it all by myself :) I am very proud because I don't do these things often, so it must be all that my Mommy taught me!
Different Views of the cake: (excuse my daughter in the background...she was SO interested!)

The second smaller diaper cake with the extra diapers:

Here is the video! SO EASY!! PS...I suggest using size 2 diapers...makes it alot easier!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Today's Highlights

Today was better.

I made it though the day without crashing on the couch by mid morning.

I stabbed my finger with scissors while trying to remove labels from bottles.

I spent 2 hours cleaning out my fridge.

I found salad dressings and mustard from 2007. EWW!!! lol

I got together tons of stuff to recycle! Thanks Sara for getting me started!

I babysat.

I cleaned my house up many times.
I watched Y&R.

I picked up dog shitoli from the floor. Thanks Elliott. *Note to self: Buy dog coat so he isn't too cold to poop outside*

Jillian and I got together for some exercise time.
Froze my tooshie off at the bus stop and picked up more shitoli (at least you made it outside this time Elliott!)

I made dinner....chicken, rice, and gravy with mixed veggies...

I tutored.

I did dishes.

I played with my kids. Noah did my hair so I would look like Princess Leia. LOL. Nice huh?
Here is a video of Syd asking for the battery-operated Jeep that my brother got my kids a couple years back. She kept asking Hubby and I for the VROOM VROOM and we couldn't figure out what she wanted. She took us to the garage and showed us the Jeep. So, hubby brought it in the house for her to drive all over the place!! Now when she wants it, she says VROOM cute...ignore the snoty nose lol.

And here are a couple things Noah came home with from school this week. The family picture made me cry! I looked at it and tears started a rolling!! PRICELESS!! and his writing has come a LONG way!! I am so proud of him!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kid's Shows

Let's talk Kid's Shows....

What your kid's favorite shows.... the ones that you allow your kids to watch...and you secretly like too ??? :)

Since the beginning of the school year when I started babysitting, the three girls (age 4, 2 1/2 , and 1 1/2) LOVE LOVE Hi5!! It used to be on TLC on the weekday mornings which is where we orginally found it and fell in love, and they took it off.

It is on the Discovery Kid's Channel and thank GOD for OnDemand b/c we don't get the Discovery Kids Channel. And for Santa who brought Sydney a Hi5 DVD from She is so happy to get in the car and watch her video! Noah even likes it!

Another show I previously talked about is Peep. Again this was on TLC and removed with the morning kid's programs. What an adorable show!!

Sydney and Noah also like to watch the following (when they sit long enough to watch tv):
1. Hi5
2. Tom & Jerry
3. Scooby Doo
4. Zooboomafoo
5. Noah: Chowder (a favorite of mine too lol)
6. Noah: Adventures of FlapJack (so funny lol)
7. Wonderpets
8. Go Diego Go
9. Syd: My Little Ponies (Kabillion ONDemand)
10. Anything dinosaurs (Land before Time...etc.)

They have also fallen in love with exercise videos lol.

Share your kid's favorite shows....

PS While writing this blog...I was stabbed in the chin with my daughter's pen. She was sitting on my lap and pulled the cap off the pen and the pen flew into my chin!! IT FREAKING HURTS! Thank goodness it didn't break the skin....Then she pulled her paper out from under my hand and gave me a paper cut!! She is dangerous!! LOOK OUT!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What a slacker!

I have been slacking since the holidays. I am still exhausted. I thought the change in diet would help, but the lack of caffeine is taking a negative effect on my ability to function. I think I need to go into rehab.

Yesterday was a blessing from God above.

I was so tired and when Hubby told me school was delayed and a got a text from my friend Jamie (I babysit her daughter)...I snoozed back to sleep cuddling up beside Noah. I slept till 8:00 when Jamie text me again to let me know that it was now closed. So, I again drift back to sleep with Noah now next to me watching cartoons. I didn't get up till 10:00 when I realized that Sydney was still asleep and I had to get her up as well. I was so lazy....but I needed it. I have been fighting a cold for at least a week now with coughing fits and on and off sore throats. Thank Goodness I got some rest.

Now it was VERY hard to get up this morning at 6:15 to pack lunches and start my day. WHEW! I hope for more snow days is good when there are snow days. I love them.

Other than that, life is pretty boring. I have NOTHING to blog about except maybe the random messes my house takes on, my 2 days of exercising and having problems sitting on the pot b/c my thighs THROB, or maybe about going to Petco and spending more money on dog shampoo than I do on myself. I live a boring life. I need to do something EXCITING!

Off to make lunch for the 3 girls!! Give me something to blog about people!! Whatcha wanna know???

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Another shot....

I am so full of shit you know that?

I talk a good one but sometimes just can't follow through. But I am working for this. This I promise myself. I can't even look in the mirror after watching Half Ton Dad on TLC this past week.
I don't do "New Year's Resolutions" but I do have some goals in mind. The major one is living a healthier life. I am sick of feeling/looking the way I do. Granted I love food, but I will work hard to eat. :)

I went today and picked up some of my favorite things to get me started.
I picked up an exercise video the other day at Wally World and I LOVE IT!!
I can't do the tredmill at this point b/c it bores me. I love to run, but I enjoy that outside. I can do the tredmill a couple days a week since time is such an issue.

Then..... I realized that my Comcast OnDemand has it right now for FREE!! So you people who have Comcast OnDemand and are interested in trying an exercise video, you must go to Sports and Fitness, then Exercise TV, scroll down to Jillian Michaels (the chic from Biggest Loser) then go to her 30 Day Shred Level 1.

I highly recommend this for a total workout in 20 mins! I am not one to enjoy exercise videos, but OnDemand has lots that are great if you have time constraints. I am in love with the 30 day shred....granted I only did it one day (today) but it is already working. I can't even get up the stairs without pain lol. Check it out NOW!! :)

Some other favorite things I stuffed my fridge and pantry with are: Tuna, flavored water, PowerAde Zero (Love it), Skinny Water (YUMMY), salad mix, baby carrots, cottage cheese, Fiber-One cereal, chicken and fish...and some other random things. But my new favorites are the drinks. I tend to drink my calories away instead of eating them.

Other than that, I have been sitting on my butt finally finished New Moon and moving onto Eclipse. It takes me forever. For some reason my kids require my attention. What gives?

Tomorrow I am back to the grind of babysitting and filling my life with arts and crafts, cleaning, laundry, getting up early, no hubby b/c of his games and practices. I am PRAYING for a snow day on Wednesday!! I just want to hang out and do NOTHING...but my exercise video.

I love you Jillian Michaels!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ritchey Lettuce Salad Dressing

This salad has been a tradition at our house for as long as I can remember. Alicia's grandmother made it for each family meal. I am trying to continue the tradition. Here is the recipe.

Beat 1 egg
Add 3 T sugar
3 T vinegar
a few dashes of dry mustard
1/4 cup butter

Put in a saucepan and cook until mixture starts to thicken.

Hardboil 2 eggs and dice into the cooled mixture.
Pour over lettuce.

You have to eat all the salad on the day you make it because it gets watery but it's not hard to eat it all!!!