Monday, January 26, 2009

Alicia needs.....

Whoever thought this one up is HILARIOUS!! I wish I could be so witty!

Cynthia and a few other blogs I have seen have done this as a post and it is so much fun!

You go to, type in your name and write needs after it....for example, Alicia needs and click search. Then take the top 10 and list then. Comment after each one!

This is great!!

1. Alicia needs more funky beats and innovative tunes in her music.

Oh yes I do. Funky beats keep me going especially this time of the year. If I listen to country, I would be depressed all winter long!

2. Alicia needs a very special environment in which she will be protected.

Yes I do...I am precious. I need to be protected!

3. Alicia needs to know if there are scissors, crayons, paper, and pencils at home.

Yep, I got scissors (check), crayons (lots of them...check), paper (check), and pencils (check).

4. Alicia needs new home.

No, I don't. But my hubby would say otherwise. He likes our home just not where we are...oh well. I am winning :)

5. Alicia needs a freshman class president slogan?!?!? never was class president and never would want to be. So dumb...

6. Alicia needs to apologize for conceited comment

I don't need to apologize for anything...especially a conceited comment because I don't make them...unless you call number 2 a conceited comment LMAO.

7. Alicia needs new bike.

I guess so. I haven't had one since I was a kid, and I'd love to ride around the community with Noah. So, I guess so!

8. Alicia also needs to look at Maggie's chronological age and her developmental readiness to learn how to form alphabet letters .

OMG this sounds like my job as a special educator....maybe it's my calling to go back to work??

9. Alicia needs a loan of $375.

Shit, don't we all need that much money and more??

10. Alicia needs to continue to challenge herself in terms of the level of thinking, leadership, and writing abilities.

Level of thinking....does "How can I fit all 2 loads of dishes in one load??" count? and does "Okay kids we are leaving. Grab your coats, gloves, hats, and get in the car." count for leadership?? and does blogging count for my writing abilities? If so....I am challenging myself :)


MsPulp said...

I like this one. It gives me material for my otherwise fried mind. By the way, I loved the butt pics. You are a brave woman! I too have THE flattest butt and no waist, but I'm not as brave as you.
Confidence is a good thing...

Jen said...

I like this too! I'm off to do it now!

Anonymous said...

Bookmarked this. Thank you for sharing. Unequivocally benefit my time.

Anonymous said...

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