Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Everyone deserves a "snow" day!

I remember the days when I worked full-time teaching and was given 3 "personal" days a year.

I took those sometimes just to sit at home and have a MENTAL day....just for me. Believe me... you might think we teachers get "mental" days all summer....but that isn't the case. Teachers work throughout the year, summers are filled with conferences and classes. And if you dealt with the what teachers deal with on a daily basis, you would see how important those "mental" days are!!

On those "mental/personal" days, I would sleep in, watching trashy television, read, search the Internet, and just relax. Since I have had children and decided to stay home, I don't get "personal" days. I rarely get a break from life.

Quiet time does not exist. And when it gets quiet at night or if they are at the grandparents, it feels something is SO wrong. It becomes uncomfortable to me.

So, snow days have become my "personal" days. I get to spend my time with my kids and get to do the things I enjoy doing.


Well, I babysit for 2 teachers, so on snow days they get to stay home with their children and have "personal" days at home and so do I! So, today and yesterday were wonderful for my mental state and hubby's as well. He finally got a couple snow days as well. His county he teaches for RARELY cancels, so it was a blessing for him as well. We needed the stress free day at home!

Yesterday allowed me to catch up on laundry, cleaning, and organzing files and the kids' rooms.

Today allowed me to relax. Hubby and I played outside with Noah and Sydney, exercised twice today, once with I moved to Level 2 of her 30 day shred and it was a KILLER!! and then I jogged on the tredmil. I was working it!!

Finally, I took a nice bubble bath in the Jacuzzi bathtub.....oh the relaxation!!

I DESERVED this day!! It was FABULOUS!!

How do you spend your "snow" days???


Cameron said...

Damn, I can't blow the picture up...LOL. I am glad you have had two awesome days off and just with your family. It is nice to spend extra time together. You bath looks awesome and I am hitting one myself very soon. Enjoy the rest of your night. We will see what tomorrow brings.

Sara said...

LMAO! I'm glad you were able to spend two days with just your family. My night wouldn't have been complete without your bathtub picture. :)

MsPulp said...

Damn! You are one brave chick-a-dee!!
I just got up the confidence to put a real photo of myself.
Glad you had a good day, all that exercising made me feel like a lump!!

Kelly said...

I agree with MsPulp I just got the confidence to put a real photo of myself too. You are one brave chick-a-dee! Glad your day was great! I spent it outside with KatieGrace and I enjoy that so much.

Tracy said...

Alicia, you need some ambiance in there....candles, would make it so much more relaxing....i cant believe you posted that.....kudos to you!