Friday, January 9, 2009

Today's Highlights

Today was better.

I made it though the day without crashing on the couch by mid morning.

I stabbed my finger with scissors while trying to remove labels from bottles.

I spent 2 hours cleaning out my fridge.

I found salad dressings and mustard from 2007. EWW!!! lol

I got together tons of stuff to recycle! Thanks Sara for getting me started!

I babysat.

I cleaned my house up many times.
I watched Y&R.

I picked up dog shitoli from the floor. Thanks Elliott. *Note to self: Buy dog coat so he isn't too cold to poop outside*

Jillian and I got together for some exercise time.
Froze my tooshie off at the bus stop and picked up more shitoli (at least you made it outside this time Elliott!)

I made dinner....chicken, rice, and gravy with mixed veggies...

I tutored.

I did dishes.

I played with my kids. Noah did my hair so I would look like Princess Leia. LOL. Nice huh?
Here is a video of Syd asking for the battery-operated Jeep that my brother got my kids a couple years back. She kept asking Hubby and I for the VROOM VROOM and we couldn't figure out what she wanted. She took us to the garage and showed us the Jeep. So, hubby brought it in the house for her to drive all over the place!! Now when she wants it, she says VROOM cute...ignore the snoty nose lol.

And here are a couple things Noah came home with from school this week. The family picture made me cry! I looked at it and tears started a rolling!! PRICELESS!! and his writing has come a LONG way!! I am so proud of him!!


Jen said...

Gees, you were busy!! Love the family pic by Noah!!

Sydney's video is cute too!! She's getting so big :( They both are :(

Liz said...

If it makes you feel any better I put tartar sauce out for dinner tonight. Took one bite and checked the date on the bottle- October 2007!!

Busy day you had!

Sara said...

You have been one busy lady! Great job Noah! Sydney is such a cutie pie! I hope you have a great weekend. :)

Casey said...

I love the video of Sydney! She's so cute...snotty nose and all!

Mary said...

Now you see why you're tired. Just look at your list! Love the picture Noah made and his cute writing of the story. darn cute. Vroom...Vroom!
love ya,

Cinnamon said...

You commented on my blog back in November when we returned back from Vietnam. I have been tyring to adjust since but thanks for commenting. Your kids are adorable. I laughed so hard at the older post about your daughter and the maxi pad. Jade has done this as well,too funny!

Johnnie Avocado said...

I loved the pics and video.....

Staci said...

What a FANTASTIC picture! He did a fantastic job! I know you will cherish it forever! How cute is sydney?!?! Loves it!

"Gorgeous Mommy" said...

Cute hair!