Friday, January 30, 2009


So, I sent my little man off on the bus this morning beaming with pride. He worked so hard the last couple days on all his sight words. He is reading them so fast I can't even keep up with him! And today is his day. His day to read his words and get a prize. Last week he missed a couple and he was so disappointed. My son takes a lot of pride in the things he does and I just love to see his excitement when learning and reading!!

He knows if he brings his paper home and it says 100% (and Hubby told me if he only misses one...but we didn't tell him that) he gets to go to the store and pick out a new Star Wars figure. He is SO pumped. When he blew me a kiss from the bus....he was beaming because we ran through the words right before leaving the house and he got all the words right!! I am one proud Mama!!

And I am beaming because today is FRIDAY!! You know what that means??? My hubby will be home tonight (he cancelled b-ball practice), I get to sleep in tomorrow morning till 8:00!! WOOHOO!!! The Steelers play this weekend in the Superbowl and I get to get groceries and weigh in and spend time with my kids and get the rest of the things I need for my favorite things swap I am particpating in, and and and...well that is about it.

So have a great FRIDAY!! I am off to vacuum and mop and make a Groundhog's Day craft with the girls!!


Cameron said...

Noah will rock those words today!!!! He has been studying them so hard and I can attest to seeing daddy and him on the couch practicing last week. He will love picking out that Star Wars figure.

We are excited for the game too. SUPER EXCITED! Enjoy watching it and getting all the other things you want to get done this weekend.

Good luck with the weigh look great!

Lisha said...

I am counting down the minutes till I can rip into his backpack and squeeze him!! It's killing me! I miss him so much...I am one crazy mama I know!!

Sara said...

How did Noah do? I can't wait for an update!