Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just annoyed....

Do you have those days where everything is ANNOYING??

I am not easily annoyed, so the fact that today was one of those days means only one thing...I had to take 2 birth control pills in one day thanks to me missing one cuz of the wonderful ice storm. I couldn't go pick up my prescription until today.

So, hormones are somewhat inbalanced, so the next time I feel annoyed, I will warn you via twitter or my status on facebook. *Chuckle* Annoyed or not...I still can laugh at myself. :)

Annoying things today:
  • The sounds of voices asking for this and that while you are trying to just get ONE thing accomplished in your life?? I just wanted to clean my kitchen and load the dishes....and everyone around me broke down...So, the best thing I could do was just to stop and sit down and pay attention to them. Sometimes I just have to sit back and realize that being a Mom isn't just about doing the dishes and keeping the kitchen clean...its about spending time with my children.
  • The left eye which will NOT stop twitching no matter what I do!! It started this morning and has yet to stop. ALL EFFING DAY!! It won't stop...even when I closed my eyes on the couch when Hubby came home. It just twitched and twitched and twitched and I just researched it....Before I decide on Botox...which really wouldn't hurt or surgery or drugs.....I figured this fit more of why my eye won't stop its twitching:

Preventative measures are important. Since stress causes almost all muscle problems, including blepharospasm, to worsen, it is important to minimize and avoid stress. Whether this means embarking upon stress management through cognitive therapy, occupational therapy, or other types of group therapy or support meetings, these methods of improving and developing coping mechanisms should be explored.

Hmm....avoid THAT is funny!! Group therapy?? Support meetings??

My introduction at my support meeting:

ME: Hi my name is Alicia and I have eye spasms.

GROUP: Hi A....L.....I......C......I......A Welcome.

ME: I am so glad to be here. Thank you for having me. The eye spasms are taking over my life. I struggle daily with never getting a full nights rest, I can't keep up with life, I am a worrysome person, I need balance....I have EVERYDAY STRESS!!! I need relief!!!

WTF??? There HAS to be a better answer than....Eye twitches = support meetings

  • And comments people have about a video you post about your daughter bathing with her Daddy? The point people was the CUTENESS of my daughter....(Tracy..this is NOT you. I know you were just picking on Shane) but others just ANNOY me. I just don't get where this world is coming too?? I think my daughter is cute and I wanted to share her pure joy of life...doing something she enjoys doing....YES we are those parents who bath with our kids EVERY NIGHT!! We spend quality time together that others dont get because they think we are WEIRD!! I am proud to have the closeness we have as a family. My kids are growing and very soon they won't be spending that kind of time with us anymore. I will miss it so I treasure it. So if think that I shouldn't post a video like that then....BITE ME.

There I feel a LOT better :) Thanks for listening LOL...thank goodness for this blog because it allows me to just VENT when I need it. Cuz some days I just do.

Here's my video.....My daughter with her loving father :)


Anonymous said...

I've had those annoying times. Hence, November 28th-January 5th with my husband :) I, for the record, made a nice comment on your FB video without mentioning your hubby. :) Kudos to me! It really is a great video!!! I enjoyed it!!!

Cameron said...

Sorry you are having one of those days. I have been there myself...yesterday. But, today was better and I hope tomorrow is the same for you. Sorry you have had to justify your video to others. How do they not know Shane isn't wearing a swimming suit? Why are they jumping to conclusions and why does it bother them so much what you do in your life? Once again, sorry you had to deal with those who can't keep their opinions to themselves. As for the twitching, try pressing with your finger in between your eyes right above the bridge of your nose. Press for 5 to 10 seconds and continue for a little bit. Sometimes that will help.

Anonymous said...

Your baby is a little doll!
As for mean people, good for you just saying what you think in writing. People can be such idiots, and I don't even know what was said. Maybe those kinds of people don't give thier kids a bath at all. Hee, hee.
I quit Facebook twice. The first time, due to drama. The second time, due to the fact that they banned all photos of breastfeeding, yet they allow 14 year olds to post lewd photos as well as photos of illegal behavior. I know, because the photos were of a family member. I guess Facebook is in my shi* list.
I get that twitchiness, too. It's soooo annoying.
Happy Friday!

Lisha said...

thanks guys!! :) The funny thing is the person who made the comment doesn't even have a facebook. They just heard I had it on there. Some people are VERY private and I am not one of those people. I have nothing to hide and do not find a problem with sharing my life with other people. I do not feel like I have to live in a shell and keep everyone away. Thanks to all who enjoyed the video!

And my eye twitching stopped!! WOO HOO!!! :)

Good day today thank GOD!! :)

Mary said...

Syd just cracks me up! She is so much like you were when you were little. I have no idea what was said about this video but I think it's priceless! Love you all!