Monday, January 26, 2009

My big butt and some recent products.....

You know how your rear end is always there, it just tags along for the ride??
You forget what it looks like since it out of your eyesight??
You have twist and turn to see it? And when you just hate it so you avoid looking?
Well, my big butt is what gives me a isn't "big" per say, but more of a wide, flat landing.... the planes flying over my house could very well mistaken it for a runway....

My butt provides fun times in our house.
My son and daughter find it HILARIOUS to smack my butt and yell, "BIG BUTT!!" My Noah started it and then my 2 1/2 year old daughter started to pipe in. I am sure my reaction, "Oh no it isn't!!" and chasing them through the house with giggles doesn't help, but we make it fun! Well, now I am beginning to wonder if they MEAN it when they say they know something I can't see???

Anyway, yesterday I was uploading pictures when I came upon this........apparently my son had the camera and was taking some of his pictures. Gotta love what they see at their eye level... poor child...I am devasting him if this is what he sees everyday!!

Yep, that would be my flat wide ONLY looks this bad in my sweats....jeans with pockets and buttons on the back give my butt a little Not that much, but just a little "trick" to eyes......

I AM THIS............CLOSE to buying those padded undies. And if I will WILL support me, cuz if you had a butt like this, you would too!!

This picture is being posted because my butt WILL NOT look like this in about 3-4 more weeks. At the rate I am going, it will only be flat but NOT wide :)
Oh I can feel the excitement!!

Okay the whole purpose of this blog was to tell you my EXCITEMENT of some new things I spent money on! I know right?? Me spend money ??? LOL...but it was Christmas money I have been hoarding for a good purpose. And I found it!!

I went to good ol' Wally World for groceries and ended up with a cart full!! I also got myself a new rug for my 1/2 bath, a much needed laundry basket, a new wallet for the purse my mom got me for Christmas, new underwear, pillows for my couch, kitchen towels and dish cloths, and my favorites are:

My new water bottle to make sure i get my 8 waters a day! I love it!! Not bad for 2 bucks!!!
I don't have time to "count" my waters and measure them out everyday, so this keeps me responsible for my water intake! And a plus...when I am done with it, it is recyclable!!
and then these VERY cute shoes for my daughter!! They have like the CUTEST patterns on them and you can't beat the $ I am waiting for them to go on sale :) Or for Mimi to buy her some more lol. She loves them!! She tried to leave the store with 3 pairs and I had to talk her into picking one....she gets that from her Mimi.....her love for shoes!!

Well, I am off to get the girls ready for open gym. The snow was falling pretty strong, but has slowed to flurries. I am now awaiting the upcoming storm...if the forecasters get it right this time!! Winter stinks unless there is some snow to keep me and my kids home in front of the fire, sipping hot chocolate, and playing outside!!
Have a good one!!


Johnnie Avocado said...

Keep up the work! You can change whatever you want about yourself.

supah ~d said...

I jsut about pissed myself when I saw your butt up there... kudos to you for posting it.. lmaooooooooooo!

I too suffer from flat butt syndrome. FBS

We used to say our butts looked like school buses... the pockets were the lights. :)

lol!! too funny...

Tammi said...

I stalk you too :)