Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Elliott

This is my Elliott.

My boy.

The little guy who follows me around everywhere.

He just turned 7 and he is still as handsome as the day we got him. He is a shih-tzu and I love him to pieces... even though he poops in my house, pukes on my couch, and smells like a dirty sock. My dad says he is like a dirty sock....he doesn't stink till you move him *chuckle* My dad is the funniest person I know :)

As most of you know Elliott received a nickname from the other funniest person in my life, ~d. She named him Smelliott because he has such a stinky face!! The name has stuck and we call him that after the cologne from the groomers wears off. He gets groomed=Elliott....starts to stink about 2 weeks later=Smelliott.

He is the most loving, patient, sweetest dog you have ever met. Despite the pooping, puking, and stinky face, he is a part of our family. I would not give him up for the world!!


Cameron said...

Elliot....Smelliot....I love you! I love the time I kept you here and we snuggled on the bed together. You would never let me take my nap. You are a good doggie and Cameron loves you too. Thanks for always greeting me when I walk into your home. I know you are used to me know cause you never bark.

((((HUGS Elliot Smelliot)))

Sara said...

I'm an animal lover! Elliott is SO handsome. My dog, Barkley, smells and chews up everything. We still love him anyway. He is in bed snuggling with us as I type this message. :)

Courtney said...

Nice dog. He has a great name!! I call my Elliott "Smelliott", too. Only she's a girl. And a human. It's probably just not as nice to call her that. Oh well.