Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekend Report

What a weekend and how it goes so fast!

On Saturday I spent most of my day in Hagerstown shopping for things I needed for a bridal shower I am throwing for a close friend of mine.

Side note: Stay tuned on my other blog for all the fabulous decorations and things I am doing!

While there, I stopped by Michaels (craft store) for some items. I saw that their Christmas trees were down from $299.99 to $59.99. I have been watching them since after Christmas because our artificial one was shot. They have been $99.99 for the LONGEST time!

I called Hubby and made him come in with the kids and check it out while I finished shopping. He came in and we were all excited about the $60 deal on a 7 1/2 foot prelit tree!

Another customer said, "I just talked to the manager and if you ask to talk to him you could the same deal as I did. They are selling it to me for $40."

So, Hubby asked to talk to the manager about the trees.
The manager sent a girl out and said we could have the trees for $20!!!!
We of course bought 2 of them. We would have gotten more but we had no room for them!

Now I will have a tree for me and a tree for the kids to decorate! I can't even believe we got such a deal! They just wanted to get rid of them. It pays to be in the right place at the right time!

Now today I weighed in this morning because I officially started my exercising and eating healthy. Thank goodness b/c I have seen a HUGE difference.

My weigh in this morning was:

DOWN 2 LBS!!!! and the best part is I dropped a pant's size!!! I am so excited!! Plus I can make it up all the stairs in my house without running out of breath! This is a big change for me over the last couple months. I thought for sure I dropped more weight by the way my belly has flattened, however I guess I am getting some muscle!

Now I am off to finish the rest of my day.

I am going to go get groceries. Thanks to my SmartShopper from my has simplified my life.

I am going to do the rest of the laundry and get it put away for the week.

And I am going to carpet clean my living room. We are slowly saving to get rid of the carpet on our main floor. I can't stand it anymore!! Where does the dirt come from??

I am also fixing the curtain rod over the sliding glass door. It has been falling down for a couple months now and I have been waiting for it to fix itself. lol.

I gotta exercise today too. Jillian and I are almost ready to move onto the second workout. We are busting a move!

Have a great day!


Courtney said...

YAY!! Congrats on everything! The trees (I keep saying I want to buy a faux one, but I never do it), the weight loss (you're AWESOME!!), and all the "chores" you have planned. I need to get my ass in gear!!

Staci said...

Awesome deal on the trees! I would have bought 2 also!! And... A HUGE WAY TO GO on the down 2 pounds! I am so excited for you! Losing one pant size is awesome... I want to try Jillian out, but I just can't manage to get there lol! Have a great Sunday!!! Keep up the great work!

Sara said...

Great deal on the trees. Way to go with the weight loss! Keep it up girl!! :)

Mary said...

I exercised for 2 days and got sore and now I don't want to do it more. I's not working if you don't get sore.

Johnnie Avocado said...

sweet tree deal...and the 2 lbs. rock on!

Posh Piggy Couture said...

What an awesome deal on those trees!! I live in Hagerstown, I'll have to go check out Michael's sometime soon!!!

BTW, check out my blog for a chance to win a free Cafe Cuff:

MsPulp said...

Okay, now I officially feel like crap-ola. What are you doing?!? I need to copy it - verbatim.
Just kidding, great job! i bet you feel like a million bucks. Keep it up, girl, bikini season will be here before you know it!