Friday, February 27, 2009

Letter B Week

Since the girls I watch and my daughter are old enough now to keep attention for about 10 mintues at a time, I started doing letters each week. The oldest gets "bored" and my daughter has no interest in learning letters, colors, shapes, etc. this is how I can keep them occupied and also get my teaching juices flowing....

Last week Mary and I did letter A but with 4 kids, we didn't remember to get the camera out!

This week I did letter B and reviewed letter A. The girls had fun and they are loving it!

This week we made bird feeders with Cheerios. I got this idea from The Crafty Crow who has all kinds of great blogs listed with crafty ideas from other people. I just LOVE this site and want to share it with you if you haven't already seen it!

Just take pipe cleaners and have your child(ren) put cheerios on them. Make circles and attach. Easy and Fun! Great for hand-eye coordination for younger children!

Thank God for beautiful days!

We also practiced "writing" letter B. The 4 year old girl I have actually wrote them and I had the other two trace a capital B and a lowercase B on paper and then air.

We then read Troubles with Bubbles and blew bubbles.

Next we did a craft where we made a bumblebee and sang the Baby BumbleBee song.

I had to help Syd with the body and she did the rest. She liked gluing it together better after it was colored and painting her hands for the wings. So on the link there is a colored version that I recommend printing for kids who don't want to sit and color all the pieces or for younger children.

We had lunch with bananas. Then after eating the bananas for lunch, I found this blog with *THIS* GREAT idea which I am going to do anyway on Monday as review of B can always squeeze it in somehow! During lunch I had them listen to the little Leap Frog Magnet Fridge toy that plays the letter and sings a song about the sound it makes. They took turns pushing the magnet and playing it.

Every word we heard throughout the morning I'd say...Baby! That starts with B! or Balloon! That starts with B!

We listened to a Book on CD of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. The girls loved that!

Finally we danced and sang Laurie Berkner's Buzz Buzz BumbleBee song!

What a fun day! The girls loved it!

The weekend is about to kick off and I can't wait! Friends from out of town are coming in to visit and we haven't seem them in MONTHS!! So the kids of course are excited and so am I. She and I are going to scrapbook Saturday night since ALL my freaking MOMMY GROUP SO CALLED friends ditched me. Just kidding peoples...I get it. I do. And Mary...thanks for not ditching me. But I give an DO NOT FEEL GUILTY OUT for tonight. lol.

And then next weekend is my weekend getaway with my college girl Kim. I am SO pumped about that as well. However I have a lot to get ready before then! Have a great weekend and I will be back Sunday night to catch up on your blogs and see how your weekend went!


Cameron said...

Sounds like such fun! It looks like the girls loved it. Cameron would have enjoyed it if he wasn't sick. I will be there tonight. I want to make one block. I might have to come when Cameron is in bed but I will be there. Thanks for keeping the offer open. Great pics. We will have to remember to take pics next time. (= Enjoy your weekend visit with your friends too. C U Later.

Sara said...

You're doing a great job Lisha! I'm sure the kids had a great time. I've been trying to work on letters with Aiden, but we don't work well together. I didn't ditch you this evening.

Johnnie Avocado said...

Frodo has that exact same "leap Frodo" toy that plays the letters! Those pictures were great....

Lisha said...

YEAH MARY AND SARA! Mary still bring your block and we can do that after we go grab a couple drinks! You can stay as late as your little heart desires. I have tons of pictures to organize and put dates on so STAY ladies as long as you'd like! And anyone else who can get away, my house 9:00!!

Staci said...

you go girl! Can I send my 2 your way for some learning time?) It looks like the girls have had fun!!!
I know I ditched, but I am now looking to escape the chaos of my house! I NEED out! I left you a message! :)

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Sounds like a fun weekend to come. I used to do things like that with Buddy when he was little. He knew his alphabet by 2 and could spell his name by 2.5. Sissy isn't getting so fortunate - I'm too busy!! (and busy with a capital B!)

Jamie said...

Emily had a great time today with "B". She showed me all her stuff and reshowed it to Rob when he got home. She sang the bumblebee song all evening. You do such a great job with Emily. You are a great teacher even though you aren't in the "traditional" classroom right now. Emily learns so much from you. We are truly blessed that you care for Em during the day!

tracy said...

Alicia, where were you when i had to put my son in a home care house after school....he was put in front of a tv or she let him watch grand theft auto.......while i paid her to occupy my son....i had to yank him out quickly....i would have paid double to get the attention that you give your kids....they are so lucky to have someone as fun and creative as cant find many places like yours....keep up the good work