Tuesday, February 3, 2009

See that??

See that heading up there?? I did that ALL by myself :)

*Standing...well sitting proud*

If anyone wants to know an easy way to do it using Word 2007 and Paint....go *HERE*

My inspiration for my new heading was the new free backgrounds from Aqua Poppy Designs. Cute backgrounds....Go check her out. I started following her and added her button. Very very cute...love the apples and polka dots!!


Jen said...

I LOVE it!! I still can't figure it out so be prepared for a phone call probably Thursday. Will you be home?

Sara said...

Way to go, Lisha!

Staci said...

woot woot! loves it!

Jen said...

Hey, you won that toffee giveaway!! Wanted to make sure you saw it!!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Excellent background! I'm married to a graphic designer, so he designed my header. The rest, I'm just too lazy to fool with. LOL.