Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Weigh In

What a hard week...being sick and not having the energy to exercise but ONE time...I know don't look at me like that...I feel guilty enough. But I could not manage to do it. My knees are hurting and it is so hard to bend them to do the smallest things...but all excuses aside. I am going to run more this week and alternate with my video to keep my energy going.

AnyWho...I am down 1 lb. I was down 2 lbs on Friday morning (yes I cheated with the scale...but I was feeling light and I was right!) But with Valentine's Day party and hubby taking me out to dinner last night to Kobe Japanese Restaurant, I put on a lb. My water intake was down yesterday and the food was too hard to resist!! Hubby and I had a good time out though. It was SO nice to just talk without the interruptions. It really was HUGE for us because we rarely go out and spend time together and we missed it. Alot.

Then, as you can imagine, the night progressed as usual. We came home and relieved our FREE babysitter!! Thank you Alison for driving 45 mins one way just to watch our kids for us! You are wonderful and greatly appreciated!! The kids LOVED you and already asking when you are coming back!!

After both kids were tucked in their beds and fast asleep, hubby and I enjoyed the gift from my swap parter, Kirby. She sent me her Sweet Tart Sequin heart pastie from her Good Gals Inc. business. Very cute and Hubby liked....He liked it. Alot.

Your hubby would like it too...not me...the undies and hearts lol lol....
So, after a long Valetine's Day, we sat and talked. We talked about life and babies.
I will post more on our decision we came together on. We are still talking so I can't post anything yet till everything is set in stone.


Courtney said...

You rock with the weight loss! I didn't want to celebrate V-Day yesterday because I didn't want to ruin my weigh in for today. So I am making a special dinner and dessert today to make up for it!

Jon walked in when I was scrolling down the page. He saw the pasties and undies. He wants to know why I don't have any. Apparently I am going to have to look into that...

Staci said...

You go girl! I am super jealous and mega proud of YOU!!!!!! I have been major slacking and have gained a ton back... :(
I'm glad you had a nice night out and some ... ah... fun ;) I hope your talk went well!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

WTG - on weight loss, a loss is a loss, even if it's one pound! :-)

Kelly said...

I m glad to hear you had a wonderful night. Good job on the weight loss Im not motivated at all. And I was even promised a vacation anywhere I wanted to go. BLAH!!!

Mary said...

LA LA LA LA LA...your mother doesn't want to hear this stuff about the pink panites....
A pound off is a pound off. you didn't gain!
Way to go!

Jen said...

LOL at your mom's comment!!!!

How much have you lost so far? Congrats on the loss!!!!!

Liz said...

Congrats on the pound! And good for you for getting a night out with the hubby!

Cameron said...

I am glad you had a good night out for Valentine's Day and that you had a talk with him about the baby factor. I know it has been weighing on your mind so talking is a good start. Great job on the weigh in esp. after the Japanese.

Your mom's comment had me laughing. HEHEHE

Thanks for such a great Valentine's Day party. We enjoyed it.

tracy said...

awesome job on the weight loss....a pound is still alot....just think of a pound of chopmeat.... every ounce counts....we are glad that you and shane had a nice time however, your uncle dosn't want to see the panties....too much for him.....can you post the panties shane wore for did he wear the pink

Sara said...

Congrats on your 1 lb weight loss! I'm glad you enjoyed dinner alone with your hubby.

MsPulp said...

A pound is a pound...any way you look at it.
I quit ruinning so much and I lost three pounds. I have THE weirdest body.
Glad you had a good V-Day...sounds fun!

supah ~d said...

I cannot believe you wore it. lMAOOOOOOOOOOO

Mine would get hidden in my rolls...wait.. my rolls have GLEENED out a bit now at 7.5 months.. but still .. CAN YOU IMAGINE.

burning your eyes and brain .. I know. me too..

you are a brave soul.. still pleasing your man.

Steve got a card.


now the question is? larry make an appearance?

mwah ha ha hah