Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day Gifts for Teachers

I admit it....I scraplifted this idea, actually both, but made them my "own" if you know what I mean.

This is by far NOT my idea, but I thought it was SUPER here is what my son gave his teachers' for Valentine's Day.

They are hand sanitizer bottles stripped of their labels and decorated with hearts, tags, and ribbons! Very "handy" for teachers!! Add something pretty to their desk :)

Also, I added adorable mug (not your usual ugly mugs that teachers get 50,000 of) but a CUTE one with Hershey kisses. I made a label for the top. I think they will love it...I know I would.

Spoil those teachers! They deserve it!


Sara said...

I love your crafts and am sure your son's teachers will too!

Lisha said...

Thanks love :) You get an award for being the best, most loyal commenter on here :)

Staci said...

Those hand sanitizers are too cute! I saw them on some blog and meant to bookmark it! I want to make them next year! too cute!

Cameron said...

I love those sanatizers. You are so crafty. The teachers will love them!!!!

the old schoolhouse said...

Hello there, I just had a wander around you blog [ it was the name that attracted me] and i really enjoyed it,i will be back ,my sister and i both have blogs i am the old schoolhouse, and pam my sister is whitemorn cottage,we live in Ireland. I was pea green with envy when i read about you shopping in michaels oh woe is me we dont have that shop here ,but any time i visit canada i make a beeline for said shop and i just love it ,anyway enough meandering from me, thanks again ,Angie.