Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What's on your fridge??

Boredom has set in....

house is clean, dishes need to be loaded and I'm not in the mood, laundry is caught up, so I going to make a game....

What's on your refridgerator?

While watching Sell This House, I thought of this because most of us keep TONS of information, pictures, magnets, etc. on their fridge. I know I do. I only kept it cleaned off when we were trying to sell our home, but on normal days, you can't even tell what color my fridge is or where the water/ice is!


1. Take a picture of your refridgerator. Do not change anything! Just snap it AS IS.

2. Post your picture. Note a few things you see on your fridge that others may wonder about.

3. Tag 5 others.

Easy huh?? Here's mine. AHH!! Scary!

The front is covered in art work by my Noah and Syd. Also a calculation of my WW points, a note to myself and Noah to remember his library book, and his 100% on his sight words test.

The side of my fridge is more for "me". I keep my SmartShopper here, my calendar, pictures, a picture of Hubby and I from high school, invitations, and lunch menu. As you can see my books are on top of my fridge...I need to get them down so I will actually read them!

After snapping these pictures I spent 10 mins cleaning it off :) It was out of control!

Okay I tag......

1. My Mom

2. MsPulp

3. Courtney

4. Liz

5. Debby

You better do it!! OR ELSE!! :)


Staci said...

lol! That is what my fridge usually looks like! However, last week on my I have to get rid of all this clutter at 4 a.m. cleaning binge; I cleaned my fridge. The front has ONE just one pic on it and the side has all their leap frog letters and numbers.... Great game girlie!!

Jen said...

There's nothing on mine except for a calendar!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I think we have the same fridge - only mine is in a built in "cubby" area, so I don't have access to the sides. So, I just have my calendar, the school lunch calendar, a few magnets and that's about it!

Casey (EcOnomical Mom) said...

Mine looks just like yours only in addition to the pictures I also have note pads and a leapfrog word whammer with 2 sets of alpabets. I wonder what color my fridge is?

Cameron said...

Hey, I know someone on that refrig. LOL. I just tried to clean off some of my refrig stuff to make room for more. (=