Saturday, March 21, 2009

Just when I think

Just when I think my life is dull and boring....

This happens:

  • Last night my daughter took a turn for the worse. The fever spiked and she hardly slept because of the coughing and fever. While Noah and I were at the Dinosaur Dazzle at the mall, Hubby took her to Urgent Care and got her in quickly. She has an upper respiratory infection and a minor ear infection in one ear. She is now on antibiotic and so far....praying to God....she hasn't had another febrile seizure and we spiked up high last night with the fever! So hopefully now that she has been seen, she will get better quickly!

  • My friends and I did a Spring Swap and exchanged names. It was so much fun! We had to get our girl something spring related to get her pumped for the warm rainy spring months. The girls did a fabulous job and I am working on posting their pictures on our group blog: The person who bought for me is Tiffany. She is currently putting together her blog, and I need to get down there to help I can't link her up yet. But here is what she got me. She dropped it off on my door step, rang the doorbell, and ran like a bat outta hell! I was so excited and loved her idea of getting spring cleaning stuff!! She must have read my blog about needing to get working on that! lol.

Here is what I opened my door to find:

Thanks girls for participating!! I had so much fun shopping for Staci. Here is what I got her.

  • Then to top off Friday evening the kids and I went over to Hubby's school where he and 4 other male faculty put on a rock concert at their school's fundraiser BINGO night. OMG is all I have to say when I took one look at my pretty boy hubby gone WILD!! Check it out! I can't even imagine if I were a student and saw my oh so professional teacher dressed like this!!!

hot right??? Betcha wish you could have taken him home with you! You should have seen this group's posse!! They couldn't keep the kids off the stage! They were so excited!! And in case you are wondering...I was the make up artist lol. And I suppose you could say, wardrobe and tatoo artist as well. Noah said, "Daddy, you are so cool." and Syd just smiled at him and wouldn't go to him till he took his wig off. The make up didn't bother her just the scary wig.

So, now off to the usual weekend of eating out, cleaning house, putting laundry away, and getting groceries. I have a million blogs to catch up on from yesterday and this morning, so once that is all done I am vegging in my bed tonight with my laptop!!

Have a super 2nd day of spring kinda day!

PS Thanks Sara for meeting us for Dinosaur Dazzle. Noah keeps telling me he had SO Much fun! And the best part....IT WAS FREE!!! :)


Sara said...

We had lots of fun too! I hope Sydney feels better soon.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I love fun surprises and little "pick me ups". :-) Fun weekend so far!

Liz said...

I hope that your daughter feels better soon. What a great idea about the gift swap!

Johnnie Avocado said...

sorry....but those guys look really gay! I hope the show rocked harder than that fake tattoo!

Lisha said...

Johnnie, you are just jealous that you can't wear makeup and feel masculine about it. :) Besides, one of those "gay" guys is my husband. It was all about the kids you know and they made some big money thanks to their performance. You should try to get more in touch with your fun side :)

And I DID the fake tatoo so thanks :P