Monday, March 2, 2009

Making my list

I am making my list of things to do this week. As you know, I am going on my weekend getaway with my friend Kim this weekend to Pittsburgh!

I can't freaking wait, but my mind is wandering to other things before I can even IMAGINE relaxation.

I love my hubby to pieces...but when I think about leaving my two precious children in his care for 2 1/2 days...I get VERY nervous. Because here's what I picture.....

Hubby watching poker and facebooking.
Syd running around naked b/c he never put her PJ's on after a bath,
Noah up till 11 pm and then awaking by 7:00 am exhausted.
Drive-Thur every night for dinner,
Lunch is whatever they find in the fridge,
Bath time consists of a dip and no soap/shampoo,
Playtime is them destroying the basement playroom and he leaving it for me to return to,
Breakfast? Who needs it?,
Nap time does not exist,
Washing hands, What is that?
Yet, somehow he will keep the house semi read up (by the way that means semi cleaned up...PA thing).

I know they will be fine for the weekend, but as a Mom, you can't NOT think about this stuff. Daddy's just do don't things the way Mommy's do. It's not that it won't do...not that they won't be okay and happy as can be, but I worry. I am a worry wart....They are my LIFE!

I feel guilty as hell-O leaving them here all weekend. I am so not a person who does this very often. The last time I left my kids for a couple days was for a wedding and that wasn't for me. So, me leaving for me, just isn't my style.

I feel terrible....but I know deep down I need this and I will feel rejuvenated next week upon my arrival home. So my focus is on that. I NEED this.

So before leaving I have to make sure I keep laundry all caught up, pack, lay out pjs and clothes for the kids for the weekend, make some food for hubby's Poker tournment, make sure I have dates on my pictures, go to scrapbook store and get some supplies, get some groceries for Hubby so he can feed the children while I am gone, go buy a comfy set of pjs to veg in and a new pair of slippers so I can relax more while I crop, organize all my tools, paper, and pictures, and on top of that I need to clean, babysit, and keep up all week!! Wish me luck!!

Well instead of complaining I should be working on these things so off I go. I really wanted to have a snow day to do this stuff but oh well....I will feel like I DESERVE this after this tough week!!


Courtney said...

Everything will go wonderfully! You will have a great time chilling with your cronies, and hubby will have a great time chilling with the kiddos!

I know what you're feeling, though. I still havne't left Jon with all three kids. I;ve left him with 2 - and everyone survived. I even came home to a totally clean house and PRESENTS!! I'm leaving him with all 3 in April...I'm already tense about it! While I have total faith in him, he's just not going to do things the way I do them. But the kids are going to love spending time alone with him, and that gives me some piece of mind.

Have a great time this weekend!!

Sara said...

Relax and take a deep breath! :) Your hubby will be fine with the kids. He may do things differently, but that is OK. Try not to stress too much. Have fun and enjoy yourself this weekend.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I'm sure they'll all do just fine. It's not the same as mom, but they'll be in great hands anyway. :-) Enjoy your little get-away!

Liz said...

You deserve this little getaway! You will have a great time. Daddy will do it differently but they will have a great time also! Try not to worry too much!

Staci said...

Relax! Everything will be fine! Last year I was freaking out about leaving the kids for a week while I went on a cruise with some girlfriends. This was the first time I had EVER left them... Jason did great, and while I missed them, I came back feeling so much better! Now, I look forward to my weekends away ;) The kids have fun with their special daddy time while I am gone :) He does things totally different from me, but it works for him, everyone survives, and everyone is happy :) Have a great trip! You deserve it!