Sunday, March 1, 2009

Okay I am here

Okay I am here and semi-alive. It took till today till my hangover headache went away! I just don't recooperate the way I used too. My body had no choice but to get over those last 3 shots I had before we headed home. I had to get up, get groceries, and get ready for my company. Plus, I have a hubby who can't handle life without me. God love him but I just wanted to sleep till 9...I didnt think that was TOO much to ask for :) So 7:30 it was.
Here are some pictures I promised I would post. WHAT A FREAKING FUN time!! I can't STRESS enough about the laughs that I produced, the good feeling that my friends gave me that night, and knowing that I am getting closer and closer to this group of women and I feel so complete! Thanks ladies.

Our waiter Don...very cool and the best by far!

Jen and Sara...

Mary, Me, and Staci

After the shots....Me, Staci and Jen

After the Chinese Fire Drill!

What a fabulous time! So looking forward to our next outing! we come!

Then Saturday-Sunday our friends from college came down from Clarion, PA to visit. We miss them so much when the few months go by that we don't get together, but every time we do, it picks up where we left off. We spent the weekend in, the kids played, we had a little game of poker going, and we enjoyed our company. Here are some pictures from our visit.

Playing cute!
Amy and I

The of friends!

So after all the house is quiet. I spent the last couple hours cleaning up, doing laundry, and reading blogs. Now I am off to do dinner and my snow dance!!
PS. I weighed in and stayed exactly the same...still at 8.5 lbs...and holding. This week will be better. I will be busting my butt exercising and no more snacking!! AH!


Staci said...

What a fantastic weekend you had! I had sooooooooo much fun! I told Jason that I have not laughed so hard in a very LONG time :) Glad you enjoyed your visit! Enjoy what's left of Sunday.... I'll join you in the snow dance, but only because I LIKE you! ;)

Sara said...

Your weekend was very busy. I had a great time too and can't wait for the next time. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Jen said...

We so need to do that more often. Glad you had a great weekend!!

Mary said...

My weekend consisted of working and watching your dad put in 2 windows and cleaning up after him. I need a life.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Everyone needs a weekend like that every so often! Glad you had fun. :-)

skywind said...

Weekends are a good day. But should not play too crazy. Hehe ...:)

Goosie and Boomer Bowtique said...

I'm glad you had a GREAT time! I am so happy that everyone had a blast and hopefully, there is a snow day around the corner for you, too! Have a great week!

Johnnie Avocado said...

HEy....that's "lisha" in the photos right? I had no idea you guys were friends.

Johnnie Avocado said...

Sorry...I meant "Jen"

Lisha said...

Johnnie, we are friends and neighbors!! How cool huh?? :)