Thursday, March 12, 2009

On a more happy note....

Things with the kids are great around here. I couldn't ask for better, happier children.

Little Man, Noah, Update:

For one, I didn't jinx it when I said earlier that Noah was sleeping in his own bed all night. We had two rough nights at the beginning of last week but we seemed to have gotten past that. All of last week except Saurday night (cuz I was gone and hubby had poker friends over) he woke up and slept with Daddy later and all of this week he has slept in his own bed from 8:30 till 7:15 each morning. I am so proud of him and how much he is growing up. I never want to look back at the struggles I have had with him due to his sickness, sleep apnea, tonsils, ear infections, febrile seizures, etc. Things are looking up and that makes me stand proud.

Secondly, Hubby went to Noah's school on Wednesday for their WATCH D.O.G program. It was so nice for Noah to get to spend that time with his Daddy. It is so hard for Hubby to take off to do the program as he is an educator, but he made sure he could do it with Noah. The night before, Hubby did a goofy dance and told Noah that he was going to do that for his friends and teachers. Noah was SO worried that Daddy would embarrass him with his crazy dance. Noah said, "Daddy, they will kick you out if you show off." It was so funny. The look on his face was priceless! For the first time I could see him anticipating the embarrassment of his crazy parents.

Things went well for Hubby during his day. As soon as he came into Noah's classroom a little girl ran over to him and asked, "Are you Noah's Daddy?" and Hubby said, "Yes, I am." The little girl proceeded to say, "Well, Noah is my boyfriend. He is mine!" lol. Hubby almost lost it!! Noah's teacher also told Hubby that Noah was quite the ladies man. THAT does not surprise me. He is a great brown noser!! When he gets in trouble at home, he tells me I am beautiful! When his teacher gets on him about anything, he tells her she is beautiful! He is learning from the best.....HIS DADDY!!

As for Sassy Syd, the minature princess Update:

She has not taken a nap in 3 days. She thinks that sleeping 12 hours a night is enough, so tomorrow her schedule is about to change!! She WILL nap tomorrow. As for today, I hear her on the monitor dropping books off the bookshelf and making noises. I leave her in her room for about an hour and she doesn't sleep....instead........

She decides to poop in her pullup and dump it out in her crib. Then proceeds to crawl out of the crib (and in her 2 years 10 months of her life this was only her 2nd time doing that) and plays. She never left her room or attempted to escape. She knew she was supposed to be sleeping so stayed in there to avoid Mommy making her feel guilty.

As I walked into the room, I gasped for fresh air as there was none. Her room smelled like.... pardon my French........... SH*T. She looked right at me and said, "Ut oh I pooped." Yeah no SH*T. Literally.

As she took off the pullup the poop must have slid down the leg so I threw in the tub as I continued to strip her bed and GAG. Nasty I told her.

She just giggled. And I lost it...I laughed so hard.....and I thanked her cuz I needed that chuckle. I need to feel better about everything and she did that for me today. Too bad it involved SH*T.
Our days have been fun since it is warming a bit. We have spent time at the park, open gym, down at the creek, on the playground, playdates, and taking walks. We even pulled out the sand box to play in.

My Fancy Nancies...They just love LOVE that book. Thank you Grandma Alison! They adore her!


Staci said...

Love all the pictures! Spring ROCKS!!!
I'm glad Noah is staying in his bed!! Woohoo!!!
I have walked into some major sh*t in Madison's room, literally, lol... Sometimes its either laugh or cry and laughing is so much more fun!
See you tomorrow!!

Sara said...

Great pictures! I'm sure Noah loved having Daddy come to his school. Sorry about the mess Syndey left for you.

MsPulp said...

Love the poop story. Oh, and about those naps...BOTH of my girls stopped napping shortly after turning two. I decided to stop fighting it and everyone was much happier. My little man will nap until he's 12. LOL.

Liz said...

I have to say the poop story was funny!! Madison stopped napping at 2 1/2 so now we do rest time. Good luck with it!!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Neither of my kids liked naps. The oldest stopped at age 2 and the youngest almost never took one past 1 yr. But, they both sleep great thru the night, so I like that trade-off!

Too funny about the pull-up. Neither of mine did that either (whew!). But, I would have died laughing if they did!

Goosie and Boomer Bowtique said...

The pictures are adorable! Gotta love the "ladies man!"
I'm so glad that the kids are doing well! Noah is growing sooo quickly. Syd's hair is getting so long!
And... LOVE the "Fancy Nancy" outfits. Goosie adores those books and the doll is beautiful... a doll that actually looks like a little girl!

Cameron said...

WHO IS THAT CUTE LITTLE BOY YOU POSTED???? LOL Just kidding. I love these pictures. The one with Sydney and Cameron looking at each other is priceless. I thought those "I love him/her" looks weren't suppose to start till they are older. OH NO, we are in for it! Thanks for showing Cameron such a GREAT time while I had to go to my appt. He is STILL talking about it.

Love ya,

tracy said...

i hate to say this but the pic of Shane...cough ....cough...and the kids is really cute....the kids are always cute! Love sydney's hair in the the way i was obsessed with blogs today and coupons!!!