Friday, March 6, 2009

Quiet in Blogland

It has been very uneventful here in my little world known as Blogland. We have been working on letter C this week but I probably won't get our pictures for that posted till next week given that....

I AM LEAVING TODAY!! but no jet planes...just me, my little Corolla, the windows down, and big girl music blaring for my 3 1/2 hour trip to Pittsburgh!! I am getting more and more excited!

We went to open gym the last two days and I let it slip this morning that I was taking the girls to the park today since it is supposed to be SUPER warm! And Noah heard me and said, "I want to go!" I said, "Honey you get to play on that cool playground at school today!! And you don't have to wear your winter coat!" That made him VERY happy....

So I had a weird dream this morning. See, my routine is Rise and Shine at 6:00, make lunches, first girl I babysit comes at 6:30, I put her on the couch, then I crawl on the other couch and lay there always attempting to drift back to sleep till 7:30, but it rarely happens.
Well, this morning my son came downstairs at 6:30 and crawled on my couch. When I went to lay down, I gave him a big kiss and hug, and what I thought was a sleeping boy, said, "I love when you snuggle with me." And with his eyes still closed, he smiled. My heart melted right there on the couch.

Because I couldn't sleep last night since my thoughts of this weekend were flying through my head I was very tired this morning. I drifted to sleep around 6:45 and had a dream.

My dream consisted of the following: Amy (my neighbor) was at my house and the girls were playing in the basement and we heard this HORRIBLE crash outside my house....but when we walked into the front room, we looked and it was not outside!! It was inside!! The car crashed THROUGH my bay window in the front and hit my stair case. Here's a visual:

And the guy just backed out and drove away!! If that happened in real life you would have seen my running up the street like a mad woman!

I got a good description of the car and man in my dream though. He was a skinny old guy in his late 70's, gray beard, eye glasses, squinty eyes, and a ball cap. The car was white and looked my like my Ford Fairmont I drove when I was 16. He had Maryland license plates. He looked very scared when we made eye contact before he backed out of my home!! And then in my dream it started to rain!! The rain was pouring into my home and what makes this weird is that the cat that I found (in case you missed this post) was in my home and tried to jump out the missing window. I ran out after her and I found her in the same spot I found her hit by the car. I picked her up and took her back inside to get dried off. The fact that she was alive and living with me is the crazy part. They totally were going to put that poor cat to rest after the damage she had to her back 1/2 of her body. And there she was in my dream...alive and happy to escape!! My Elliott sat on his same spot throughout the whole thing...right there on the back of the couch by the bay window. The car missed the couch as it hit went diagonal into my staircase.

So bizarre. That 45 min sleep I had this morning snuggling with Noah was probably the deepest of sleeps I have had in awhile.

Yesterday was beautiful outside. The girls and I went to open gym, came home and had lunch, and then went outside for an hour of fun. We rode bikes, played on the playground, and played in the sandbox. Syd looked so adorable in her sweatshirt, so I snapped a picture. I wanted to eat her up!!

Okay, off to get a shower and shaving where no razor has gone for months (want a visual??) Here it is:

JUST KIDDING LMAO LMAO Hey it's my blog...I could do that ya know.

Anywho...I am off to shower, pack up cropping stuff, packing lunch for the girls, and off to the park. Have a good day....I may be gone after this till Sunday night...when I will return to catch up on blogs. I wish hubby would let me take my laptop so I could update you as the weekend goes, but he wants it...wah wah. :) Toodles.


tracy said...

love the pic of sydney.....its adorable! Stop worrying.....your children will be fine!!! even if shane doesn't feed them the healthiest of can get them right back on schedule....have fun!!!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Enjoy your weekend! I snuggled with my littlest one in her big girl bed this morning too. No dreams, but she did poke me a couple of times to tell me I was snoring! LOL.

Sara said...

LOL about your very detailed dream. The picture of Sydney is adorable! Have a blast on your trip this weekend. Shane can call me if he needs help of any sort.

Lisha said...

Tracy...I am getting better with leaving. I have been really thinking about it and I am more worried about Syd. She doesn't like to go more than an hour without me. But it is a GOOD thing for me!

Evil Twin's Wife: I am LMAO. That was hilarious! But isnt the snuggle time wonderful??

Sara: Thanks for the fun today. I was trying to get my cup out the window when you did....but you beat me too it. lol.. great minds think alike!! lmao

Liz said...

Have a great trip this weekend and enjoy the YOU time!!

Sydney looks adorable in her sweatshirt!!!

tracy said...

alicia, give sydney a pic of you or maybe one of your shirts so she can snuggle it......tell shane to make her have so much fun that she forget your gone....! lol

Cameron said...


I am not suppose to be on the computer (doc orders) but I couldn't resist. I hope you have a blast this weekend. Your dream was super vivid. Maybe it was the cats way of telling you thank you and everything is ok. Missed hanging with you and Sara today. Glad you two had a good time.

Love ya,

PS...Cute pic of blondie (=

Staci said...

I hope your having a FANTASTIC time!!!!!!!!!!

Johnnie Avocado said...

The dream was awesome. I could analyse it for you, but it would bore everyone:P Syd looks great in the awesome coat!

Jen said...

1.That picture of Sydney is GREAT!
2. You remembered every single detail of your dream!! That's impressive. I never remember mine!