Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Cleaning...

I am dreading it.

But it must be done.

Things have been put to the side over the winter and you'd think that I would have gotten something, anything done over the winter months. But since the there was a lack of snow days, that hurt my cleaning time. I like the snow days to sleep in and spend the day playing with the kids and getting at least one if not two projects done around the house. That didn't happen.

So, here we are. Spring is here. My son has the flu. Thank goodness it is supposed to be 67 because the windows of my house are going up! The house is being disinfected and I am going to places that I haven't gone in years.

My list is being compiled. And first on the list is getting my Household Notebook and Recipe Binder reorganized. It was organized about a year ago, but I have tossed in things here and there and it looks awfully scary. My goal: Getting this done TODAY.

As for the rest of the house. I am overwhelmed. I suppose I will take one room at a time, but what is hard about this is the fact that once I get one room completed, the kids will destroy the others in the meantime. The only good thing about this is that my children clean up after themselves pretty well. It just takes me a few mintues after they are done to go in and do a sweep of the room. It does get a little easier as they get older. It is less on me and more on them. THIS I like.

I am very very tired today. I didn't want to move. I wouldn't have moved if it weren't for the 2 kids I babysit, my daughter, and my sick son being home. So, this leaves me with 4 kids today. And a very very exhausted body.


A co-worker of Hubbys made an adorable, well crafted quilt for Sydney for Christmas and I wanted to share a picture of Syd wrapped up in it because it will be treasured for all years to come.


Also the other day I came out of the bathroom and happened to look down to check Elliott's food dish to see if he needed fed and to my surprise I saw this....call me weird..cuz I know I am, but Elliott ate his food out of the bowl in the shape of a heart. Is he trying to tell me he loves me?

I couldn't get the picture to turn. Go figure..but you get the picture.

I will be back to check your blogs and work on my first goal for the day.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

I'm busy today, but will get started on some semblance of cleaning tomorrow! Have fun with yours. :-)

Liz said...

I REALLY need to spring clean myself! Although I'm so unmotivated right now that maybe I will wait until next month!

Good luck with the cleaning and I hope that Noah feels better soon!

Sara said...

I have really been lacking motivation in the cleaning department for a while now. Good luck accomplishing everything on your list!

Staci said...

I need to do the same! I can't wait to fling open the windows tomorrow!!! How is Noah feeling?

Anonymous said...

My retired neighbor always says "that stuff waits real well for you, it'll still be there when you get around to it."

I always think of that when I'm feeling unmotivated. She had three kids, too and knows all too well that life is more important than a clean house.

Lisha said...

MsPulp, you got that right. I only got 1/2 my recipe book organized yesterday cuz I spent most of my day playing lol. I would rather spend time with my kids....despite what others might think of my messy house :)