Monday, March 16, 2009

A venting letter

Dear Residents of the Burg,

It is spring here in the burg and as I walk out of my home, I breathe in and love the smells of spring. The birds chirping, the grass turning green, and the tulips are pushing up from the ground.

However, take a drive outside our community and you will see what YOU, the residents of the Burg, do to our environment. I can't even describe to you how disgusting, appalling, and disturbing the litter problem is in the area surrounding our beautiful community.

I drive the roads that surround our home and let me just say, this year is the worse I have seen it in the 8 years I have lived here. There is not a square foot on either side of the road that doesn't contain garbage. My 5 year old son even pointed it out to me about how gross it is.

How hard is it for you to wait till you get home or to work to throw your garbage out? Why do it out your window? Why stick it in the back of your truck for it to blow out? How are you so disrespectful to the world we live in? You disgust me.

Your beer bottles, soda bottles, fast food bags, garbage bags, and napkins cover the ground. The public access to the creek is NOT your own private dumping spot. Do you think other people should be responsible for your trash? Do you think dumping your single mattress and springs along the road is the best place for it? What is wrong with you? Why do the good people of the world have to clean up after your lazy, disrespectful, disgusting, dirty asses?

I was in tears today as I drove to and from my house. I can't tell you how much it upsets me that this is the way people care for the world we live in. I watch the residents of our community go out ever fall and spring clean up those roads and I watch how much it gets worse after they do something about it. My son asked me today if he could go out and clean it up. I would do that, but your dirty, speeding asses would either run us over or hit us with a soda bottle.

I will take pictures of this. THIS needs to be made more aware and you NEED to be caught and prosecuted. I am watching and believe me I will call the police on your ass. Do not EVEN think you will get away with it if I catch you.

Disgusted resident of the Burg,



Evil Twin's Wife said...

Man, I'm sorry to hear that. We happen to live in a really great little town. The city is on top of *everything* and they really keep it clean. When I get my $60 every three months City Services Fee, I gladly pay it - because the workers here are awesome! Move to my town? :-)

Kelly said...

I totally agree with you. I hate it here. I'm from Parkersburg WV. It's about the same size of the burg but its so much cleaner than here. I always hate when I have friends and family here. cause they see it too! We will stick together!!!

Sara said...

Hubby and I were discussing this very same thing yesterday as we crossed over the railroad tracks and noticed the mattress. So sad! It bothers me even more now that I'm an avid recycler. I feel like I'm doing my part to help conserve the earth's resources for future generations and others could care less.

MsPulp said...

Wow, that really sucks.
At least you can breathe easy knowing that you have done your part in teaching your children to be better than that. My kids are the litter patrol and will, literally, shout it out loud if they see someone doing it.

Staci said...

I noticed this this moening as I headed to MOPS. There was trash EVERYWHERE! I want to believe that its trash from that last really windy day, but I know that's not the case!!