Monday, March 30, 2009

Whatta Weekend!

I am getting to old for this sh*t. But I must say it was a WONDERFUL, relaxing weekend once everything started.

First a big thanks to my Mom and Dad who came down Saturday to watch my kids. They are fabulous and the kids enjoyed their time with Mimi and Pappy. Some things though I must apologize for:
1. Hubby locking you out of the house. I reminded him but it is habit.
2. You having to drive 8 miles out of your way to get to a Burger King. The GPS can be dumb lol
3. Not having any food in my house for you to eat.
4. Not laying towels out for you, but I knew you would find did help me move in and been there a million times.
5. Not having more comfortable beds for you to sleep in.
6. The garage door waking you at 1:30 in the morning.
7. The food taking so long at Bob Evans Sunday morning.
8. And me not having things ready when I left Saturday morning.

But thank you. Thank you for being there so I could relax. :)

Okay now for the fun stuff.
Friday, I went to get my nails done. The 3 girls tagged along and the dum dums worked wonderfully!! The guys got me suckered into getting the girls nails done as well, so Emily, one I babysit, and my daughter, Syd got their nails done. Now, this was Syd's first manicure and I must say...she loved it a little too much!! They charged me a freaking HUGE amount for the girls (Mind you...they are 2 1/2 and 4) . $13!! a GIRL. Needless to say, I cancelled my pedicure, because they enjoyed getting theirs done more than I would with strangers touching my feet.
The wedding rehearsal was fabulous. The food was great and the fun started that night at the hotel...but we had to get home b/c my girl Amy, took my kids for me for the evening which left her with 6 kids!!! She is wonderful and I will pay her back with my services.
Saturday morning, a sweet friend, Teri, did all the bridemaids' hair. I got to the hotel at 9 am and the morning began. We were done up, ate good food, hung out with the bride, got our dresses steamed, and waited for the time to put it all together. By 2:30 we started to get dressed, makeup done, and got the bride ready. I was in charge of lacing!! :) She looked beautiful. We took some pictures and jumped in the nicest limo I have ever been in and rode to the church.
By 5:30, we were walking down the aisle and witnessing a marriage commitment of 2 people. It was perfect. Everything went smoothly and beautifully.
The reception was a hit. They had a heart touching slideshow of pictures at the start of the reception. I was in tears most of the night.
I sit and think about the marriage Shane and I have...going on 9 years in June and the future of my son and daughter. Your thoughts change as you get older when you go to weddings.
Attending weddings is good for the marriage. :) As you will see...the reception was fun too. Hubby was crazy funny and we had a good time. I just love slow dancing with him. I miss that.


Sara said...

It's sounds like a wonderful weekend! I'm glad your children had fun with your parents. You look beautiful!!!

Staci said...

I'm glad you had such a great weekend! Weddings ARE good for a marriage! :)

Liz said...

Glad to hear that you had a great time! You look great!!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

It looked and sounds like a blast! You all look so nice! How fun.:-)

Mary said...

I never even noticed all those things on your list. We had fun!
love ya,

MsPulp said...

Syd looks so cute getting a mani with a binky! Cool slide show, you looked great - I just love strapless gowns!

skywind said...

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supah ~d said...

You better have your she-ot together for our visit!! lmao.. .none of this no towels. non comfy bed crap. lmao!! The wedding looked so fun and I'm so happy for them- can't wait to see you all. will be down tuesday afternoon maybe??? You tell us what times work for you.. i want to be able to visit before heading off to the concert..

weddings are good stuff ... for everyone. :) my favorite thing is to dance with steve. :)


Lisha said...

Debby, Since you are SUPAH preggo I have a comfy bed for you. Right in the middle of Shanal and I :) LMAO LMAO....


No really, I have a comfy bed for you so do not fret :)