Sunday, March 22, 2009


So I have another blog that I keep up with and I love it. But some Jack ASS wrote a comment on there about my tips on laundry. What this DUMB ASS person doesn't know is I keep my laundry under control so I have MORE time with my kids. Whoever this chicken shit is can kiss my ROSY FLAT ASS :)
Here is the bitch's comment:

I am a working mom. I decided that doing laundry every day is wasteful of all the resources including my time and energy. I got enough clothing for the boys (2) to change everyday and then some. Asked them to separate darks and lights in the hampers, and then help with folding.I did laundry once (1) a week when they were little and then every ten days as they grew older and stopped spilling and throwing up eall the time.You can spend all your life folding laundry or gain some perspective and sanity and help save $$ and reserve much needed water, cut down pollution by re-examining your life and tasks. Being busy all the time does not help your kids, or family, or you for that matter. Being sane and well organized does. Set a good example by being better organized and having a life. In this country we have lost all perspective on what family life should be and it is not about doing the housewrk but being able to be loving and intimate with our kids and mates. Having more family time sharing more. Involve your kids in the household tasks. Raise responsible AND accountable people. You will be grateful later when they hit their teenage years that you raised them responsible. The world needs those mor ethan laundry obsessed moms.
March 16, 2009 8:56 AM

Whoever you are, you are a BIG wuss who can't post your name. If you have that much time to comment about my laundry then you are NOT spending enough time with your kids!!!


MsPulp said...

I really hate when people are chicken-shits. If you're gonna' talk it, you better be brave enough to earn up to it.
Besides, I do what you do, which is teach my children that if you keep up with your chores, you won't have so much to do all at once.
Her house is probably cluttered and stinks.
Ha, ha, ha!

Liz said...

Maybe you should post that if she WASN'T a working Mom she could have a lot of time for her kids and maybe the laundry also!!!!

And I do laundry at least 2 or 3 times a week. Who the heck does laundry every 2 weeks?? It would be spilling out of the hampers!

What a snot!

Liz said...

Oh I better add this to my previous comment I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST WORKING MOMS.

Some people can be sensitive about that!

Staci said...

I read this the other day... I was getting ready to leave a comment, read that and was like WTF?!?! I thought it was quite RUDE! I couldn't figure out how doing one load per day uses more resources than doing 20 loads every 2 weeks.... Keeping up with the daily chores gives you more time each day because you are not always playing catch up! geesh!

Goosie and Boomer Bowtique said...

I would have to say that the comment goes beyond rude. Staci is correct... if you add up the resources of waiting to do laundry it equals to approximately the same amount of water and detergent. I do at least two loads a day and I don't feel that keeps me away from my children at all.
And... I use an energy saving front loader if the commenter is concerned about me using up the world's resources by doing my laundry daily.
Keep posting, Lisha... obviously, this person felt the necessity to say something horrible but didn't have the same audacity to write their name. That, I believe, was even more rude that the comment.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I had some loon comment on my blog (re: the one sentence in the whole thing I had mentioned I had to get in the shower) that he hadn't showered in a year and I was just wasting resources and screwing up my kids' lives by using up all the water. I just ignore stuff like that. Opinions are like assholes: Everyone has one and most people even act like one!

Courtney said...

I hate people. Really. I'm not even going to lie about it. (That wasn't addressed to any of the women commenting on here - it was to the dolt who was self-righteously being self-righteous.)

We (I have to say we because Jon comes home from work and finishes what I don't get done) do laundry every day, too. It's the only way for us to keep on top of things. I have clothing, towels, rags, sheets, etc. for 5 people. If we don't do it every day, then I end up swimming in it. Jon is very laid back and doesn't care. I. on the other hand, hate having piles of dirty stuff all over the place.

That woman can suck it. My kids are involved with the laundry process (even Janna). They "help" sort and fold, flop fromthe washer to the dryer, the whole nine yards. And as far as being obsessed with laundry? It's far less stressful for me to use the system I have in place already than to pretend to be something/someone I'm not.

Again I say - anonymous woman?? SUCK IT.

Lisha said...

MsPulp: You got that right. Own up to it. Obviously she wasn't ready for me to come back at her with her opinion!! Cuz I would have! and I died laughing when I read your comment about her house is probably cluttered and stinks. I thought THE SAME THING! lol.

Liz: I know you have nothing against working moms, and when i was a working mom, I didn't keep my laundry till the last minute and deal with stinky clothes and then waste my time posting a long comment on some strangers blog! Def. a snot.

Staci: Doing it everyday to every other day does save me more time. I agree. :)

Hilary: Thanks for commenting back to her on my other blog. I just thought it was hilarious that someone had the nerve to comment on something so ridiculous. Thanks again!

Evil Twin's Wife: That is just NASTY. I have to shower or bath everyday...eww....and there are some weirdos out there that is fo sho!!

Courtney: you got that right. And you have a super hubby!! My kids help a lot...I sit Syd up on the dryer and hand her clothes to drop in the washer, Noah brings his laundry basket down every Saturday morning and sorts it, puts his pjs and undies away and lays his clothes out in the handy dandy closet organizer each Sunday. that woman has no clue how to run a household like we DOMESTIC DIVAS!! LOL :) We rock. She sucks. :)

Cameron said...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!! Could someone please tell "anonymous" that by writing such a lengthy comment, she is missing out on precious time with her children and should really "get a life" too as she so eloquently states.

For the love of God, I would hate to be standing next to her in a crowded store...laundry every few weeks??? Get to washin, anonymous. That is ridiculous!

Casey (EcOnomical Mom) said...

Rude people suck!!

I appreciated that post! It was well written and great info! I too do laundry almost every day. If I didn't it would waste almost an entire day or more to just get it all caught up! As for the saving water only doing laundry once a still have the same amount of laundry. DUH!!!
Although I am an "eco" minded person, I am NOT insane/ stupid/rude.(People like that give us a bad name/sterotype.)
And who doesn't bathe for extended periods of time just to save water?!? There really are some whack-o's out there and they do need to be whacked along with all of the rude/stupid people!
And I believe if you're going to make a up to it...don't hide behind anonymity!

Good Gals Inc said...

What the heck!??? That lady needs help! If you don't have a nice comment then DON'T SAY IT!!! And if you must, be woman enough to list your name. Good Lord.

Johnnie Avocado said...

I can see the logic...but it's just not realistic. We are in the age of a dual income family and that barely gets you by. I'd love to go fly a kite, or go to the swings ever day with my son....but that's not reality. Shelter, clothing and food rank much higher on the necessity chain, and the other stuff is the icing on the cake.

Stephanie said...

My life goes much more smoothly when I do a bit every day.
Not that I do, mind you... :), just that it would be better if'n I did.

I'm sorry you got your feelings hurt.