Monday, April 20, 2009

Day 8

Wow. I was down one kid today for half a day and was able to keep my house clean, do 3 loads of laundry, and have quiet time!! I did watch a friend's child for a couple hours while she took her other child to kindergarten registration. I am beginning to think I need to run a child care business.

(Warning: I am going to toot my own horn) I am pretty good at what I do, I must say. I am more consistent with other people's kids than my own, everything is a learning experience (that is the teacher in me), and I balance things pretty well....however, you did hear me say RUN a child care business right?? That means I would get the weekend off and I would chose a day in the middle of the week to have off. lol. I can dream right?? Or I guess I could just go back to teaching.

I went to Walmart tonight. Fun right?? I went in for 3 items and came out with 8. Don't you hate when that happens??

I didn't exercise. Hubby went to poker, so that leaves me with the kids by myself. I like when at least one of us is interacting with the children...okay there is my excuse again. Frankly, I have no motivation on rainy days. Poor huh?

Breakfast: Arnold bread whole grain toasted with spray butter and a layer of grape jelly
Hot tea with sweetener and `1% milk

Snack: 6 cheese curls....:(

Lunch: Arnold bread with ham, lettuce, light miracle whip, 1/2 cup of Spaghettios, pack of 100 calorie Hostess cupcakes

Snack: none (see I am not doing too bad...till.....)

Dinner: 3 pieces of Pizza (large ones too) :( but they were SO delicious.

Exercise: None. I know I was supposed to get on the treadmill. Where does time go?? ANd why am I not there now?? There is such a thing as exercising too late and this is too late for me. I can't unwind till midnight. 7:00 is my cut-off. Sleep is important too.

Water: 64 oz. ANd then some. Got a new water bottle like my Moms and I love it. It holds 32 oz and has a straw...for those of you who know me...I need me a straw lol :) I even got my kids they own water bottle since they kept stealing mine all weekend. I want them to start drinking more water too. They love having their "own".

Feeling: Okay today. I vented to my mom so I feel better. I just feel discouraged with the way things are going. I want more money to spend on I can pay for WW and the gym for both hubby and I with the childcare services. That would be PRIME. But we can't all have everything. So, I will be happy to be healthy and have time with my kids.


  1. Try to exercise in the mid-morning while the littlest one I sit for is napping. I HAVE to work this in somehow.
  2. Let go of the negatives in my life. This could be people, thoughts, images, words I say, etc. I have one down and a couple more to go. I enjoy my positive world.
  3. Spend less time worrying about my house and weight and more about my hubby, my kids, and me.

Signing off. I have to get my pjs on and settle down to watch my Gossip Girl. Night loves.


Staci said...

I have been uber lazy! Its the rain I swear! I should have hit the elliptical an hour ago, but NO motivation.... I think I am going to plop my uncoordinated booty on the couch, fold some laundry, and watch what scandals unfold on GG!

Sara said...

Rainy days DO make me less motivated! Keep up the good work!

tracy said...

alicia, tell shane to stop playing cards so much and you can take his card money and go get yourself some clothes so you can feel good about for yourself is a must and you must do it!!!!!!!

Lori said...

Yay for you on the water! I wouldn't worry about three pieces of pizza, especially since you ate so well the rest of the day. I haven't exercised in days and I have absolutely no motivation to do so. I really need a kick in the butt.