Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day 9 and 10

I guess this is good. I am not on the computer as much, so I must be active right?? Well, not really, but I am busy. Busy is good for me. Downtime is destructive.

Tuesday Day 9:

Breakfast: Arnold bread toasted with spray butter

Hot tea with sweetener and milk

Snack: Banana

Lunch: Aarnold bread sandwich with lettuce and Light Miracle whip

some baked fries dipped in very little Ranch (like 1 tsp)

100 Calorie Hostess cupcakes (1 pt in WW) me like em :)

Snack: None

Dinner: Baked Hake Fish in the oven with lemon juice and spices

Original Rice Pilaf


Snack: 1/2 Large Sweet tea from McDonalds (late snack on our way back from Amy and my trip to Kmart in PA...we needed some sweet tea!!)

As you can see, I did pretty good all day long till the sweet tea, however, I am proud cuz I only drank 1/2 of it and saved the other 1/2 for Wednesday!! That is SO not like me!

WATER: I had 3 bottles of my 32 oz bottle so that is 96 oz of water?? Really?? HOLY COW! That is darn good :) It is getting easier and easier to do. This water bottle is FAB! My mom showed me hers and I LOVED it cuz it has a straw. I have to have a straw when I drink ANYTHING. Weird I know. But I am weird.

EXERCISE: I did it people..I got on my treadmill during the mid-morning. I walked 4.2 speed for 10 minutes, jogged/ran for 25 minutes, and cooled down for 5. I completed a little over 3 miles and was SO sweaty stinky lol. I had the littlest one down for a nap, and the other 2 played in the basement while I exercised. I put on Spongebob for the girls and was able to jump in the shower for a quick 2 minute washdown and make it downstairs before it was over. WOW....I can do this!! I just have to prepare myself for the days that do not go my way, that is the hard part cuz I like routine.

FEELING: I felt good all day. I am still just as chubby but I have energy. I couldn't believe that I am still so in shape under all the chub. Scary.

Wednesday Day 10:

Breakfast: Arnold bread (whole grain) with a skim of Jif Natural PB on it

Hot tea with sweetener and milk

Snack: None

Lunch: Late bad....but I was careful. I spent enough money today on Printer ink and stuff for Syd's invitations so I opted for a dollar cheeseburger instead. I ate it and 10 French fries with a small Diet Coke. It filled me to where I didn't snack in the afternoon either. So bad or not, it filled me.

Snack: None

Dinner: Bowl of chicken noodle soup (Campbells cuz the kids like big can lol) and 4 Saltine crackers and Water

Snack: Soup didn't fill me. I had a Quacker Fiber/Omega 3 Granola bar, string cheese, and a bowl of Raisin Bran with 1 % milk. Weird combination, but I did warn you I was weird.

WATER: 64 oz today. Not bad...I met my goal.

EXERCISE: I did it again! Not quite as much b/c I had to run some errands so the little one wasn't able to nap as long. I did 2 miles and 30 minutes. I walked 5 mins to warm up and started jogging at 5.0 speed for 15 minutes then 5.5 speed for 5 minutes and then a 5 minute cooldown. I tried to increase some speed for more calorie burning. We will see.

FEELING: I was feeling pretty good till I had my snack binge at 7:30 pm. I feel guilty for eating it. I didn't need it.....:( My ribs hurt from running. I guess it could be worse. At least my knees are doing okay with the running. Just can't do lunges right now :(

What's up with me?? I know you REALLY want to know lol.

  • Working on Sydney's birthday invites

  • Took Noah to sign up for Cub Scouts. I am excited for him to be a part of something he is interested in.

  • Keeping my house "look" presentable. Just do not look in the closets.

  • Scheduling my online job hours (May 4-8)

  • Trying to get my kids a playground. Found one at Walmart and it is Out of Stock and then found another one at Toys R Us, so now I just have to find the time to go and get it.

  • Thinking about Mother's Day gifts for my Mom and MIL. I have a couple ideas in mind, now just to make a decision and start working on it. It is right around the corner!!

  • Working on remaining postive even when negative people come in and then leave my life. I have to realize it is okay to cut my losses. I am working on this with the positive people in my life!! Thank you Hubby, my Mom, Mary and Amy, the girls in my Mom's Group, Kim, Amy B, oh gosh, I can't name all of you, but you are there and that is all I need. Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

Other than that, I am excited about the gorgeous weather tomorrow and the weekend to come.

Thank you GOD especially.


Sara said...

It sounds like you're doing great, Lisha! Keep thinking positive thoughts.

Staci said...

You are doing fantastic!! Positive thoughts make all the difference! I will miss you at Zumba tomorrow.... Now I'll look silly all by my lonesome :)

Cameron said...

You ARE doing fabulous. I am so proud of you and your hard work. Great job with the water too. That is not the easiest thing to do. You NEVER need to thank me for being your friend. I am here for you thru all the good and bad times. I appreciate you and all you have done to help me work through things too. Dwelling on negativity simply contributes to its power. It is not worth it. Life is to short. So surround yourself with the people who truly care about you, your feelings, your life. The friends that are honest with you, the friends that would always be there for you no matter what, the friends that don't purposefully ignore you, the friends that don't "wish you well" because they can't look within themselves and see the truth.

You are the definition of a true friend. One that doesn't judge and one that stands beside you, holds you hand, and simply is!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Sounds good! I think it's supposed to be pretty today here, but even warmer tomorrow. I can't wait! :-)

Together We Save said...

Sounds like you are doing great.

Anonymous said...

Keep on truckin', girl! You are doing great!

And BTW, I am addicted to McDonald's Sweet Tea!

Johnnie Avocado said...

Everything sounds good. Thanks for the Mother's Day reminder