Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day Two

Besides being frustrated with my television breaking, Comcast for the disappearing Cartoon Network and WB, and my DVR box not corresponding with our old television I had an okay kind of day.

Breakfast: 2 pieces of toast with spray butter and a skim of grape jam. (Bread was Italian white...bad bad girl, but I have to go shopping for my Aarnold Thins)
A cup of hot tea with Sweetener and a splash of 1% milk

Snack: 2 of Hubby's homemade chocolate chip cookies...I know I know :( but they are THAT good.

Lunch: 1 cup of 2% cottage cheese with 3 light peaches and a handful of grapes.

Snack: I did it again...I busted out another cookie. OMG delectable. I couldn't stop myself.

Dinner: Allbran Pink Lemonade drink (10g of fiber)
Oven baked cod (has breadcrumbs on it), rice, and canned carrots

Snack: handful of grapes

Water: I had 72 oz today. I try to get my 8 cups in by 4:00 and then have a calorie free or low calorie (20 cals and under) drink for dinner. I can't stand running to the bathroom so much. I wish my bladder could hold more. I literally almost peed myself jumping rope.

Exercise: I was a little late on the "me" time tonight. I couldn't pull myself off the couch with my Woman's Day magazine...I know I could have taken it on the treadmill right? Nah..I have no grace. I would have fallen on my butt. Seriously. So I finished my magazine, played a few games of Bejeweled and then headed to the basement. I did 2o mins on my treadmill (1.5 miles-walked at 4.-4.2 and then jogged 5.0-5.5). Says I burned 120 calories. That was like one cookie. :( Then I jumped rope for 3 minutes and did my exercise ball for 5. I was tired as I ended at 8:45.

Feeling: I feel much better today even with the cookies. 3 cookies is good for me. I could put down about 6 and still eat more. So 3 was an improvement. I am proud of my water intake, exercising, and my belly is a little less bloated today. :)

Thanks for your on-going support!


Jamie said...

I called Comcast today... I am pissed about the Cartoon Network. Emily is missing Transformers! Anyway they said we now need a box of some sort to get Cartoon Network. Thanks for letting us know before hand! I could half understand the lady talking to me. I told her that we would be leaving Comcast cable. I told Rob he can finally get Direct tv or the Dish whatever thing as soon as he got back from his trip. I am so mad!

That Girl said...

good job!

Sara said...

Way to go, Lisha! :)

Courtney said...

You're awesome! Cookies and I don't get along. They taunt me...and then I kill them. Which is why I am so glad that I don't like to bake. I am going to splurge a little later on, though - I am addicted to the Krusteaz Fat Free Brownies - so I'm going to break my no-baking rule.

Mary said...

Make sure you're eating enough. It doesn't sound like enough points. If you don't eat enough your body won't have calories to burn then it will try to store your fat. Are we an amazing creature? Do you want to weigh with us on Wednesdays? You can call me with the numbers and i'll add you to the list.Let me know. Keep up the good work and before you know it we'll be shopping for new clothes!
Love you,

Staci said...

you are doing GREAT! Your water intake is awesome! I need to drink it :(

Johnnie Avocado said...

yeah....stay with it!