Monday, April 20, 2009

Dirty Girl and Smary Pants

Catchy huh?? I maybe demended and perverted at times but this is my perfection picture of what a dirty girl is:

This was right after we were done gardening and mulching on Sunday. She was the dirtiest princess in all the lands!

My Smarty Pants is doing so well in school. His handwriting is AMAZING. He has improved his small motor skills and has the most beautiful handwriting, especially for a boy. He wanted to go all the way to 100 but his teacher just wanted him to go to 35. He said he wanted to keep going. :) Mama is proud. So is Daddy, Mimi & Pappy, Grandma and Pap, and many many others. Great job Noah.
You amaze me everyday with what you accomplish and how hard you try to be your best. Keep that wonderful spirit!!

And a small clip of my kids dancing. They were making me laugh so hard I had to record it. However I was running out of space on my card, so it was short....


Staci said...

LOVE the smooch in the middle of the dance!

The dirtier the child is the more fun he had! :)

Noah's handwriting is sooo neat! Great work!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Sissy looks *just like that* after just playing outside. She likes to shovel dirt in my soon to be (if it ever warms up enough) garden.

Johnnie Avocado said...

Awesome.....they look fun.......good hand writing.....for a boy? Sexist!

Cameron said...

Love the pics and video. AWESOME job to Noah. He has always had such wonderful printing and drawings. And it keeps getting better and better. I am proud of him.