Thursday, April 2, 2009

I gave up.

I gave up on keeping up with 2 blogs. One was enough.

My MOTHER said she was going to help me but she isnt even keeping up with her own lol, so I imported all my other blog enteries into this one. I will keep up with my menu plans on this blog and so forth. I just can't do it. I tried. I put in 100% lol.

I am still very busy...and procrastinating. I have tried to get things done but I just would rather do things with the girls. Go outside, play games, play pretend, and somewhere in there I need to do launddry and dishes. Life...I swear. I could complain over and over again about it, but I do love it.

I wanted to share a couple pictures of the Easter party we attended at our friends house on Wednesday evening. The kids had a blast. And I of course look like crap in the pictures, because yet again, I had NO time to just wash my hair and put on some mascara. So do not be scared. For I have no time to function.

Fun times. Now tonight is about me getting things ready for Noah's party. Tomorrow is his big day and I can't wait for him to spend it at school for his spring party!! Have a good evening all :)


Staci said...

:) You did great! I am glad you are importing because I want to try a bunch of the recipes you had posted! :) Tonight we are having the honey dijon salmon :) I can't wait to hear how Noah's party goes... It sounds AWESOME!!

Mama Krit said...

I can't imagine keeping up with two blogs, I have enough on my plate with just the one. Plus everything else we have to deal with throughout the day.

Sara said...

Don't beat yourself up, Lisha! It looks like everyone had fun last night. Have fun spending time with Noah at school tomorrow.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I love Easter parties for kids! It's one of my favorite holidays to have kids... just seeing the joy on their faces. :-)

tracy said...

love your pics......that is great that all of the mom's get together and do something fun with the kiddies and also the mom's get to have fun too! We used to do that when i was able to stay at home with was the best! Treasure it! Tell Noah that we said happy birthday ....sorry we couldn't make it....uncle john is partying it up in Arizona and we definitely would never find out way with me some pics of the party for us!

Johnnie Avocado said...

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