Monday, April 27, 2009

Let me put it this way....

In NOT so many words....for I am a rambler. I write too much.
My list of the weekend events:
  • Was outside all weekend...from mid-morning till dusk

  • Hardly ate at all. Breakfast, no snacks, and dinner, no late snacks

  • Made good choices in drinks (Water, 4C Lemondade, and hubby did well chosing me a Diet Pepsi to surprise me over a sweet tea :)) He is doing better!!

  • Kids had fun with their friends all weekend. Ran around, played basketball, rode bikes and cars, played "Star Wars", went to the park, just had good old "kid" fun

  • Amy and I ran errands together without kids. Got the Sunday papers for coupons.

  • I saved 80 bucks at Martins with coupons and savings.

  • Hubby won 40 bucks at poker and gave me all of it :)

  • I got Syd's invites completely done and they are being mailed today!

  • Hubby killed the weeds in the yard, mowed the yard, and we got our neighbor Jason to help us install new lights outside our house. They look great :) I will have to post a before and after picture of the house.

  • I had a blast Friday night with my girls at Pokeno. It was so much fun. We giggle and laugh the night away. So good for the soul.

Oh yeah and one more thing.

I LOST 3 LBS during the last 2 weeks :) Not bad for just making better choices and randomly exercising :) (Well except for the donut binge lol).

Over and out. Too nice outside. Gotta get up and moving. Treadmill here I come.


Staci said...

you go girl! You are doing GREAT! This weekend was nice... Oh how I love to be outside! The sunshine makes me HAPPY! Great savings at the grocery store! woohoo! Enjoy this sunny day!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Way to go! That's excellent news - and your weekend sounded just perfect!

Johnnie Avocado said...


That Girl said...

see? You did great!! Your post even motivated me a little bit to exercise tonight.

hey, I wanted to ask you about Hershey. What are some must-do's while there? I've only been once when I was like 12. (that was long ago, lol)

Anonymous said...

You had a much better weekend than I did, foodwise. And yay for you on losing 3 pounds!! Keep it up!

Sara said...

Way to go, Lisha! 3 pounds is a big number! :)

Cameron said...

AWESOME! SO PROUD! You are doing fabulous.

Thanks for having Cameron tomorrow. He loves you to death.

KO said...

COngrats on the weight lost, i know it can be hard...
I love the pic of the bounty hunter! lol

Casey (EcOnomical Mom) said...

Wow. Good job!! Keep up the good work.