Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lots of love

An old friend of mine, whom I taught closely with for almost 3 years, recently had her fourth child prematurely. When I heard of this, I thought of her daily. I couldn't imagine what she was going through and felt like there was nothing I could do but to let her know that I care.

Her beautiful baby girl is going through a daily struggles, as is the entire family. Words can not express how beautiful this entire family is. I have had the pleasure of meeting her family and watching them grow. When I quit teaching to stay home, it became difficult to keep up and I miss her friendship very much. She is an amazing woman inside and out.

She has recently started a blog to keep everyone updated and I know how much all of you would be encouraging and supportive through this. So, please stop by her blog and see for yourself what a beautiful family this is.

Click *HERE*

You can tell her Lisha sent you :) Thank you everyone.


Therese said...

Heading over there now...

Evil Twin's Wife said...

My oldest was a 2lb, 5oz preemie (born 3 months early). I'll check out her blog. :-)