Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A sly little girl and Easter baskets

I screwed up. I admit it. But everything turned out just fine.

I thought I was being sneaky, but I was caught by a sly almost 3 year old.

*Side note* My daughter is a night owl. She sleeps in and is grouchy till about noon. Her prime time of the day is about 6:00 pm till 11:00 pm. I know right? But it works for her and it works for us (most of the time).

Saturday night it was about 11:15 and we were getting tired, Syd not so tired. I knew that the Easter bunny didn't work well when tired so I sent Hubby and Syd upstairs to "meet" with the Easter bunny. As I was in the laundry room preparing with the bunny, I heard little footsteps.

I quickly turned off the lights and shut the door. I stood quietly and waited for Hubby to get her. Why he left her come downstairs is beyond me.

I heard, "Mommmmmmy...." Wimper. Wimper. "Mommmyyy." Sniff. Sniff. It was breaking my heart listening to her standing in the dark looking for me.

Hubby came down and got her. I then took off for the basement to make sure the Easter bunny hid the baskets in great places. I was content. I went back upstairs and read Syd a book. She was not ready for bed, so she said she wanted a puppy. What we thought was that she went to her room to get a puppy. We thought wrong.

3 minutes go by and all is quiet. I head downstairs...nothing. I see the basement lights on. (This is where a lot of the toys are). I never imagined her finding her basket, but as I rounded the turn I saw:

Sydney sitting on the floor with her basket looking at her coloring book. With the brightest of smiles, she looks up and says, "Look Mommy! A puppy!" Her smile was gleaming. "This Nydney's."

I felt terrible when I took her back upstairs to go to bed. She at this point was so tired. I prayed that she was deliriously tired she would forget.

The next morning, she of course didn't wake till 9:45 and was a grouch. I asked Hubby to go rehide the basket.

Of course, after our bath we headed to the basement to look for their baskets. The best part was that she went to the original place where the Easter bunny hid it but it wasn't there. Then we turned around to see that Elliott (the dog) found Syd's basket first. Noah then found his. It was hysterical! In the video below you will see Syd take a straight shot for the spot where she found her basket the night before. That little stinker didn't forget!! No siree.

Proud as can be. No surprise there.
Syd got a Barbie, one Barbie outfit, a coloring book, a chocolate Hershey bunny, 3 small chocolate Hershey bunnies, sunglasses, one PB egg, a few snack size M&M's, and a dollar.

Noah got a Star Wars figure, a Star Wars coloring book, a I Can Read book, a pair of sunglasses, a dollar, and the same candy as Sydney

Gosh I could eat my kids up...they are sweeter than the candy!!

Then later that afternoon, since it was so sunny and beautiful (but a bit chilly) we headed outside for a small egg hunt.

Thank you God for another wonderful Easter with my children.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

So sweet. I see you took time to put little prizes and not so much candy. I used to do that when I had time. This year, it was Candypalooza. Sad.

Sara said...

LOL :) It sounds like a fun time was had by all, including your dog. I'm glad you had a nice Easter with your children.

Johnnie Avocado said...

I love that Noah is into Star Wars. You did fine mom.....no biggie!