Sunday, April 5, 2009

Star Wars Birthday Party

Of course my 6 year old boy has to be more and more like his father the older he gets. He has so many traits of his...especially his love for Star Wars.
It was not a difficult decision for Noah to make when I asked him what theme he wanted for his 6th birthday party. He said, "Star Wars!"

So I began my research on the Internet and I found very little as far as good ideas I could use for my son's party. I will list the resources I used for a couple of my ideas at the bottom.

Birthday Boy: I found Star Wars tshirts on clearance at Walmart for $2 and one that lights up for $5. Noah picked one of them to wear to his party. I did not go with the Jedi robes which many people make for the theme parties for I was on a budget ;) However, he loved his new shirts and loved the Clone Trooper costume I found in the Clearance aisle at Walmart for $5. He loves it!

And the birthday boy's sister was dressed as Princess Leia :) So cute!

Invitations were purchased at Party City. I did not have the time to make invites, so the ones I purchased at Party City did the job :)

Decorations: We didn't do a lot of decorations but we did have helium balloons (Thanks for the tank Debra!), I used an overhead projector to create 2 large poster size pictures of Jar Jar Binks and Yoda, and a Star Wars table cloth. I purchased Star Wars plates, napkins, and goody bags at Party City and bought plain cups at the grocery store and Dollar Tree.

Cake: I made a Yoda cake. It was the first fancy cake I have ever made. It took me a little longer than I thought but it was totally worth it. I made the head with my circle cake pans (2 layers of white cake tinted green) and the ears were chocolate (I baked 2 chocolate 9 inch cakes and then used parchment paper to draw the ears. I used the templates to shape the cooled cake into ears. I also used 2 layers here as well). Then I tinted the icing accordingly and iced it. I have lived and learned through this experience and I will NEVER use the canned icing again. Too good to be true!! Icing bags are better. Thanks Amy for helping me!! And Noah absolutely LOVED it!!


Lightsaber pretzel rods (pretzel rods dipped in melted white chocolate tinted green and used tinfoil to make the handle). I tried this, but for this first time candy making gal, I found that food coloring isn't for candy melts I just went with kids fav :)

Yoda Soda: green Hawaiian punch & sprite with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Chips and Dip and Cheesies, Soda Pop, Tastefully Simple Bacon Bacon dip, Crackers, and sweet tea.

Wookie Wienies (lol...sorry...My sense of humor can be sick): Hillshire Farm little smokies wrapped in Philsbury crescent rolls.

Games and Activities

Pin the lightsaber on Yoda: we made small lightsabers with the kids' names on them and had them play the traditional game of Pin the tale on Yoda :)

Asteroid Hunt: Candy asteroids (Nerds) wrapped in tin foil and hidden in the yard. Each kid finds one.
*I do not have pictures of the next two cuz hubby and I were doing the activities. A friend of mine took some so when she sends them to me I will post.

Jedi training: Obstacle course in the yard (using ladder, rope, jump rope, furniture)

Lightsaber training: Make lightsabers with skinny swimming "noodles". Wrap 4-6 inches from the end with colored electrical tape to make a handle.Inflate several balloons. Divide the children into pairs and give each pair an inflated balloon. The object of the game is to keep the balloon off the ground using only the light sabers. *We decided on dropping this game as the kids had so much fun playing outside beating eachother with the lightsabers. No one got hurt and the fun went on forever. They would have continued this for hours if it weren't for cake and icecream!!

After the Jedi training we went inside to celebrate with cake and icecream!!!! YUMMY!!!!

Then we opened presents!!! He was spoiled as usual. Thank you everyone!!

Goody Bags
Each Star Wars goody bag contains: A Star wars Pez, glow sticks/necklaces, a water pistol, & candy pixie sticks. Each child got a Star Wars temporary tatoo and got to keep the pool noodle lightsaber as well.
Sorry for the upside down picture. It won't turn for me.

A HUGE thanks to everyone who came and made Noah's 6th birthday as special as he. And a big thanks to Amy for helping me get through my cake dilemma.
Kim, thank you for coming down and visiting and helping me get ready for the party, scooping icecream and taking pictures. You are AWESOME!!! I will return the help in June for Allison's first birthday!! And thank you Andy, Pap, and Daddy for helping Hubby put Noah's basketball hoop together. He loves it!!!

Party Notes:
  • The boys were Jedi's and the girls were Princesses.
  • Pool noodles and electrical tape, water pistols, and glow bracelets were purchased at Dollar Tree.
  • Temporary Tatoos, Star Wars plates, napkins, invites, balloons, and stickers were purchased at Party City.
  • I found the Star Wars Pez dispensers and Pixie Sticks candy at the Dollar General.
  • I found the Clone Trooper costume in the toy clearance aisle at Walmart for $5 and the Clone Wars light up t-shirt on clearance at Walmart for $5. We also found a lightsaber at Walmart clearance for $5 as well. Thanks for the tip Courtney!!


Therese said...

Love it! I may have to borrow the idea! With 3 boys, it will come in handy!

Courtney said...

That is AWESOME!!! No other words can be used...

supah ~d said...

SOOO FUN LISH! GOod job.. loved it all... can't wait to see you all.

supah ~d said...

p.s. Emma is sooo pissed that Noah is now 6 and she's not. She asked if she could just "pretend" she was 6 when she was drawing a picture of him and her.


Jen said...

Looks like fun!! Good job!!!

Staci said...

you did an awesome job!! woohoo!! Everything was perfect and looked sooooo much fun!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Wow! Great job! You went above and beyond anything I would ever attempt. LOL.

MsPulp said...

Wow! What a great party! My son is starting to get interested in Star Wars now. I love the posters and the cake. Birthdays are so important to the little ones and we, too, make a big deal out of them like this, but I don't see a lot of people doing that for thier kids. Way to go, he will NEVER forget what his cool mom did for him!!

Sara said...

Wonderful job Lisha! You're very creative and talented. His party sounds perfect!

Kelly said...

It looked like alot of FUN!! You did a great job!!

Johnnie Avocado said... are the coolest mom ever! I totally loved the theme......and how did you get the Wookie Weiners? and I didn't know they were Jewish Wookies....hahaha

Liz said...

Looks like Noah had an awesome party!! You are so creative!!

Lisha said...

Thank you everyone for your kind words. I worked hard to make this party a memorable one for Noah and he LOEVED it :) Thanks guys :)

Cameron said...

I have been meaning to post. We had such a GREAT TIME AT THE PARTY. Cary and I loved all of your ideas and decorations and Cameron absolutely had a BLAST! All the kids did...that was obvious. Noah will never forget the party you planned for him. It was perfect. It was sweet of him to invite Cameron even when he was clearly the youngest of his friends. And even sweeter when he didn't mind and actually invited Cameron to help him pull the wrapping paper off his gifts. That was very sweet of him. Memories are so important in life at any age, so thank you for sharing in your lifes memories with us. It was unforgetable!

We love you, Noah...or as Cameron will say....No-Nah. Cary has been working on it with him. LOL

Beth said...

Your GRRREAT!!! My son loves Star Wars, is turning seven, having friends over for his b-day for the first time, and your ideas are great. Thanks a million!