Saturday, April 11, 2009

Videos of my kiddos

The kids were playing playdough (Thanks LeeAnn, Noah loves his spaghetti factory!) and Noah told me he was making spaghetti, however he cracks me up how he says it. If you ask my mom, I supposedly said it pretty funny myself.

Then I took a quick video of Sydney. I love the way she talks too and I know they only way I will remember these moments are by taking a quick video to look back on. I never want to forget the sweetness of both my children. They amaze me and I am so blessed.


Staci said...

We have just discovered the messy bliss of play dough. It is a mess for me, but provides hours of quiet entertainment! That is success in my book!

The videos wouldn't play for me :(

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Noah is quite cute. Love how he says "spaghetti". I couldn't get the second video to play. :-(

Liz said...

Your kids are adorable and I loved the videos! Play doh is a huge favorite in our house as well.

Sara said...

Cute videos! Play dough is a hit at our house too.

Mary said...

Videos are great. It helps me when I miss them so much. You used to say Pissghetti. Love that word!