Monday, April 13, 2009

Weight loss Again!

This is SUCH a huge battle for me.

Weight loss..and not necessarily weight loss in general but just a healthy lifestyle.

I am active, but I LOVE food. I have no limit. I don't ever feel full...EVER.

And I have too many excuses. For example, I wanted to get pregnant and again I am changing my mind. I am back and forth on the issue. I know deep in my heart that I want another child, but sometimes I enjoy being selfish. Like getting my nails done (believe me I could count how many times I have done this on one hand), buying cute hand bags (again on one hand), and having time with my friends (this a little more than one hand). So I am back and forth. I feel like I don't want to build my body the way I want and then turn around and gain pregnancy weight just to struggle to lose again. And NO there is no getting thin and being careful when I am pregnant. I was VERY careful with my second and still managed to gain 40 lbs. And here it lays all over my body.

Time is also an excuse. I am going to give up a lot of what I do during the more obsessing over recleaning what I make the kids clean. They can do it and I will be okay with it. That will save me at least 20 mins a day. And my house will remain dirty cuz if I get into a routine (I like routine) then I can do this, lack of time or not. No more excuses.

My inspiration is Lori at Get Healthy! She is doing so well with her water intake, exercise, and watching what she is eating and how much. You need to get over there and show her some support. She is a true inspriation.

So I am going to do this AGAIN...back on the band wagon and if I get pregnant (not trying but trying if that makes sense. It is in God's hands) then oh well cuz my goal going into this is not to lose weight but to live a healthier life. And whatever happens happens. That is my philosphy.

Losing weight as my goal only leads me to destructive behavior (binging and cravings) and leads to disappointment.


  1. Live a healthy lifestyle of being active and choosing healthier food options.
  2. Drink at LEAST 64 oz of water a day.
  3. Exercise (walking, jogging, Jillian DVD, exercise ball, basketball outside, bike riding) once a day...and it doesnt have to be intense everyday.
  4. Make no more excuses.
  5. I will not obsess over the scale. In fact, I will not weigh myself after the first day till a month later.
  6. Since I am a positive person, I will only speak positive things about myself.
  7. I will watch my portions.
  8. I will take a daily vitamin.
  9. And for your reading pleasure I will follow the inspirations of Lori on my blog. I will use my blog as my food and exercise journal.
  10. I will be happy with who I am each and every day.

I have the know-how so therefore I will use it.

Thanks again my loyal readers for your support for the millionth time over the past year. Here we go again. :)

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Staci said...

you can do it girl! I have not been doing great on the exercise front, but I have been doing better on the food front (except for Friday :) And for the shocker.....

I drank a bottle of water yesterday!!!

I know that's not much, but for me its a ton... well a start anyway ;)

Kelly said...

I have faith in you! You can do it. I never thought I would stop drinking that 6pk of Dr Pepper but I have been doing real good with water. Good Luck with everything.

Sara said...

Good luck, Lisha! I know you can do it!! I'm in the same boat so I understand and relate to your struggles.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I know you can do it! All I drink is water (and wine and a little coffee), but mainly just water. All day. I even keep a cup on my nightstand if I wake up and feel thirsty. One way to get in lots of water, even if you're not crazy about water, is to get ice cube trays and freeze your favorite fruit juice. Use those as cubes. It will add just a few calories to your water, but will also give it a little "kick" and is way healthier than those powder tubes of whatever flavors (that contain aspartame and artificial sweeteners - those things just aren't normal!) LOL! Good luck. I know you can do it.

Cameron said...

You GO GIRL!!! I have faith in you too. No more obsessing sounds wonderful too. Like they say, "Don't sweat the small stuff." There are more important!

Anonymous said...

Aw, thanks for the shout out! I know you can do it. It's not easy, and as you can see I haven't had a great last couple of days. But I just wake up every morning and start over. We'll get through this together!!