Thursday, May 7, 2009

Feeling better and creative

I want to thank all my loyal blogsters and commenters for stopping by. I know things are whiny and boring lately in my life, but hey what can I say? I am a stay at home mom. There isn't much exciting about what I write about or what goes on each day. But I must say that I am thankful for that.

I need to post the rest of the Teacher Appreciation week gifts I made for the week as well as the grilled potatoes recipe I promised someone. So lets get started, as I will have to take off any minute now to put one down for a nap and get 2 up from bed. My day then begins....clean, play, feed, change diapers, clean, play, feed, clean, I said....boring and repetitive.

Teacher Appreication Week: I am crazy about it for a couple reasons. 1. I was a teacher for 6 would be hitting 9 if I wasn't still home. I rarely got a card thanking me for what I did. I had a rough job teaching students, both middle and high school, with learning disabilities, behavioral disorders, and autism. I LOVED my job more than most but once and awhile it would be nice to be thanked for what I did everyday. I dealt with chairs in the air, breakdowns of children who couldn't learn like others, tears, yelling, fighting, and when I got something from a student, I celebrated with him/her. I was positive 99.5% of my days for my students and would have done anything for them. I reached out, even when they pushed away. It is a tough job.

Some think that we get paid and that is enough, but a simple card that says "Thank you" (homemade better) is enough for any teacher to feel appreciated. So, I chose to do a gift each day during the week. The gifts did not cost me a lot of money, more of my time, but my son's education is worth it. Since he is in Kindergarten, he has a teacher and a teaching assistant. So I had to be creative.

Monday: First day of TA Week. Found this idea *HERE* and I went with it. I loved the idea of them getting something everyday. The author of this blog has super ideas but it would be more appropriate for 1st grade teachers and up. Therefore, I made this:

A water bottle with a door hanger that includes M&M's and a 4C Lemonade packet.

Tuesday: They had a field trip, and I got sick so I waited till Wednesday to give them Day 2 and Day 3 Gifts. I needed something that had 2 of something that they could always use. Hubby (also a teacher) suggested scissors since he always needs them). And I remembered a cute pack of pretty pens at the Dollar Tree for the Day 3. (Whatever the pictures won't flip and I just don't have the patience to deal with it lol). And I apologize for the crappy pictures but the sun isn't shining here so everything is so dark :(

Tuesday: Day 2: Cute pink scissors :) Two Blades for cutting!!

Wednesday: Day 3: Three pretty pens for grading!

Thursday: Day 4: Found this idea *HERE* I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics where luckily they had their fabric quarters on sale for .97 cents this week. I got 4 of them in cute patterns, some fabric glue, and ribbon. Then headed to Walmart where they had Lavendar Fields sachet beads for .97 a packet. I will be using left overs for Mother's Day gifts. So for 2 people, it cost me about $3 and I have leftovers for more gifts.

Four Sachets for my dresser

They smell SO pretty!!

Friday: Day 5: $5 giftcard to local coffee shop. I will take a picture of it tonight and update it tomorrow.

I will post my Grilled potatoes tutorial on the next blog. I gotta get a move on of my day or I will sit here and gain back my 4 lbs lost while I was sick lol. Till then...

Kisses xoxoxoox


Staci said...

Very cute! I look forward to these things when my guys are in school! :)

That Girl said...

Aww you are so sweet! I asked Madison if anyone was bringing things in for her teacher this week and she said no. We were at Kohl's last week (I was buying earrings) and Madison picked up a A+ teacher pin. I'm sure her teacher has tons already but she really wanted to get it for her.

I love your creativity....I try but dont always get it done in time.

Liz said...

I love the ideas! Glad that you are feeling better :-)

Courtney said...

These are so cute! Gabriel glued little rocks to card stock and wrote "Mrs. Evans, you ROCK!" below them. She loved it!!

Sara said...

Very creative gifts that I'm sure will be greatly appreciated! :)

Cameron said...

Very creative. They will love these. It is nice when parents show appreciation in any form to their kids teachers. I remember it felt so good to be acknowledged. Sorry you did not get the acknowledgement that you so deserved as a kiss a@@ teacher. I got to show Sara first hand my creations for Cameron's teachers/aids and speech teacher. I am taking them in tomorrow. I realized today that I have not stepped foot out of the house in 10 days since surgery. Tomorrow I will drop them off so they don't break and come back to my bed. It is hard being out. The pics don't do them justice but will post when I can. Sara liked them. Your are beautiful and creative too. You inspire me!

So glad u are feeling better. Cary's student just got hit with a 103 fever. They are taking him in to get tested for the Swine. He scoured himself and Cameron when he got home today. I sure hope the poor little boy just has the regular old flu...for everyones sake. SO GLAD U ARE BACK ON YOUR FEET AGAIN. I was worried about you. AND I WISH I COULD HAVE HELPED YOU WHILE YOU WERE SICK. COULDN"T YOU HAVE WAITED????? (;