Saturday, May 9, 2009

Noah's Sleepover with his BFF

Noah is having his best friend ever over for a sleepover tonight. They are laying on the floor watching Star Wars The New Hope and eating popcorn.
They have been friends since the beginning of time. They first met when Riley was almost one and Noah was almost 6 months.

A couple weeks ago, I heard them playing in the basement and they had this conversation.

Noah: You are my best friend.

Riley: We are going to be best friends FOREVER.

Noah: Yeah even when we get old.

Riley: Yeah REALLY old.

They are only six but they know the true meaning of friendship. Now why can't we adults be like that??


Casey (EcOnomical Mom) said...

How cute are they?!? I hope they have an awesome time and YOU have a wonderful Mother's Day!!

Staci said...

How sweet! Anthony and Aiden met when they were so little and I hope their friendship stays strong! It is so neat to see them grow, change, and learn together!!! Anthony calls Aiden his Buddy Buddy!

I hope the boys have fun!! They sure are cute! Happy Mother's Day!!!!


how cute! Jadyn's bff and her have decided they will live together and patrick's best friend and him just call each other best buddy. its so stinking cute!
its amazing how at this age they know the true meaning of friendship

Sara said...

So sweet! It's great that they've been friends for so long. I can still remember giving away best friend necklaces when I was a child. Wonder if they still make those things? Can't wait to hear all about the sleepover.

That Girl said...

Sara- yeah they still make BFF stuff.

aww how sweet. Madison (almost 8 yrs old) is still friends with a few girls she has known since she was 2 and it is neat to watch.