Monday, May 4, 2009

The weekend..sorry it is a long one!

The weekend was exhausting, yet very fun.

On Saturday, I drove up to PA (the trip is only about an hour an a half long) to drop off Noah to my dad (Pappy) and pick up my Mom (Mimi). Syd, Mom, and I headed to a baby shower. It was nice seeing some of the people from my and hubby's hometown. But I was looking forward to just getting back to my Mom's to relax.

The rain held off on Saturday, so I was able to hang out on her front porch and enjoy the pond and garden. The kids had fun running around with the dogs and goat, until Noah kicked us out.
Seriously. He kicked us out. He wanted his time with Pappy and Mimi, as he was spending the night. They were getting ready to leave to head to the campground to visit with my brother Mike and his wife Ashley. So, Syd and I headed into town. I took the opportunity to spend time with Sydney. Just her and I. My time with just her is very limited even with me being home. I treasured the time with her and I saw a big difference in her personality being alone without the big brother.

Syd and I went to my favorite little pizza joint in town. She sat across from me. My little girl. My almost 3 year old little girl. We sat and chatted and giggled. (hold on...tears...for real).

She ordered pizza on her own and I got a turkey sub. We ate and giggled some more. She was such a good girl. So in tune to everyone around her. So in tune to our conversation. I loved it.
I tried to call my grandfather but he wasn't home. So, I took Syd up to visit with her Great Grandparents on Hubby's side of the family. They got to see Syd sparkle as well being on her own. She played with Great Grandma's baby dolls and got spoiled with lollipops by Great Grandpap. They enjoyed their time with Syd and Syd had fun with them. Family is just SO important.

Syd and I then hit the road (after getting a chocolate milk to share) for the trip back to WV. She watched Cinderella the whole way home.

Hubby and I cuddled on the couch Saturday night while Syd played with her dollhouse. The house was very quiet.

Sunday: Syd, Hubby and I got up around 9 and packed the car for our trip back to PA. We picked up Noah from Pappy and Mimis. He told us all about the things he learned. Pappy taught him how to use a tape measure to measure things. So, Noah was measuring EVERYTHING! *chuckle* Even the dog's tail. Uncle Mikey taught him how to make a safe, good campfire. Noah compared his awesome fire to everyone elses in the campground, he got to sleep with Mimi, color, and play. He built things with Legos with Pappy, and a million other things. He treasured his time with his Pappy and Mimi and I know they loved it too :)
Then the 4 of us headed out to Hubby's parents (Grandma and Pap's) house (about 20 mins from my parents). The kids played outside, fed the chickens and baby chick, smelled the flowers, watched the fish in the pond, and Syd got her birthday presents from them. She got the cutest Hello Kitty rain boots and an adorable dress. She wore her rain boots the rest of the day! They had a good time!
Finally, we headed back into town for Hubby's little cousin, Ashley's Sweet 16 birthday party. It rained off and on, but all the kids had a good time playing different things outside. Syd and Noah played with Grandma most of the time. I played awhile till I got sick in my stomach. It was all because I ate TERRIBLY and paid for it. Big. Time.

Grandma and Syd playing ball

Noah and Syd playing

The birthday girl in the middle :)

My Sweet Syd

We headed home to WV around 5:30 and got home at 7. I was grumpy and sick. But the nap in the car on the way home perked me up.

So, I worked on the gifts for Noah's teachers. I made a door hanger with a pocket on the front to hold a bag of M&M's and a 4C Lemondade drink packet and hung it on a water bottle. This is for Day one of Teacher Appreciation Week!!

More T.A. Week Ideas to come!


  • Sump pump is running NONSTOP. Hopefully no flooding with all the rain we are to get all week.
  • I work online Tuesday-Friday nights.
  • My Mom's birthday is Friday.
  • I ate terribly all weekend. Did have my water each day except Sunday. No exercise.
  • Our Veggie garden is half done. Need to finish once the rain slows down.

Have a great Monday. Sorry about the long post. Had a lot going on.


Sara said...

How nice that you were able to enjoy alone time with Sydney! Sounds like you had a busy, but fun weekend. The teacher gift you made is really cute!

That Girl said...

busy weekend! The teacher's gift is too cute!

Staci said...

One on one time is so nice and I cherish those momets. Its neat to see how they each individually shine! :)

I think we have those same adorable hello kitty boots! :)

skywind said...

Oh, a beautiful weekend. :)
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