Friday, May 22, 2009

What's shaking?

I am doing better. Why does it come and go? It knocks me out like a HUGE gust of wind. I'm exhausted and feel dehydrated and dizzy. It is terrible, but over. For. Now.

Noah had a fever for one day. It broke over night and has been fine ever since. He tells me he just has a cold Mommy and quit worrying. But I worry. For I am a Mom.
Weekend plans are planned. A lot of picnics, outings, and a scrapbook party I scheduled hoping people would be free and nah....for I am having a party for 2. Nice huh? We got a shindig on Saturday evening, my party on Sunday for 2 (lol) I can't help but giggle, and we are heading to PA from Sunday into Monday. Then another picnic Monday evening on our way home. Busy busy, but it is the kickoff to summer, so you will NOT hear me complain :)

In other news......

Noah is counting down the days till school is out. He is loving his growing independence of running around outside with his friends. We went to cub scouts last night and for the activity we planted bulbs and mulched around the church. This was right up Noah's alley. He loves to plant and get his hands in the dirt....he found a few earthworms during his digging. That made his day. (Sorry I have no pictures to share this time of him. I feel terrible but he is always at school or running around and I can never catch him!) I can't wait for school to be out so I can start snapping some shots of him.

Syd is getting more and more verbal with what she wants and what she is thinking about and it is cracking us up. For example, this is our conversation at dinner last night (on the deck at that).

Syd pulls down her shirt and points to her boobies. "I have boobies." She says this with a huge smile.

I said, "Yep those are your boobies."

She proceeds, "Mommy has BIG boobies!" The most enormous smile ever which breaks into a giggle.

Hubby, "Yes Syd Mommy has BIG boobies and you are not going to have those." Hubby wants Syd to fall out of the ugly tree at age 12 but I don't see that happening. So protective.

I was cracking up. And my protective Noah says, "Stop picking on Mommy's big boobies!"

Oh I was really rolling.

Gotta love dinnertime conversations.

This is the shirt (gift from her birthday party) she had on, very easy to access her boobies (note to self):


supah ~d said...

she is a DOLLBABY! i shall eat her.

pEY NURSES her baby dolls on her boobies. :)

Staci said...

she is soooooooo cute!!!! LOL at the dinner convo! Noah is such a sweet boy!! Have a fantastic weekend!!! I wish I could be there for your party :(

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Sounds like a busy weekend, but all fun! Kids just crack me up. We've had similar conversations around here!

That Girl said...

she looks like a little diva! so cute.
Have a great weekend!

Sara said...

LOL :) Sydney is beautiful! Love the pics of her.

Johnnie Avocado said...

Yeah, she's pretty cute! I love the sunglasses pic. Looks like Paris Hilton! hahaha