Monday, June 8, 2009

And it is COMPLETE!

OMG. It took forever, but it is complete and SO VERY MUCH worth it.

On Saturday, Hubby and I argued about why we needed a playground for our kids. Of course, I won. not make that obvious that I wear the pants....he would just DIE ;)

My gracious neighbors, the Kellers, who seem to always have the smallest and biggest things you could ever need, let us borrow their Tahoe to head to Toys R Us to purchase the playground. That seemed to be the biggest issue with Hubby was getting it home. For a family who owns a Corolla (for his commuting) and a Matrix (a mini- Mini-Van), a playground would NOT fit.

So, they handed their keys over, put the seats down, and I followed Hubby to Toys R Us with both kids in pull.

We purchased the Big Backyard Sheridan (with much research) for a fabulous discount. The set was on a $100 sale, plus their 20% off coupon they had online for their wood gym sets, plus the 10% off for signing up for their card, we saved a BUTT load of money. My family also pitched in $100 out of the kindness of their hearts which brought the ending cost down.

This little, I mean HUGE, playground adventure would not have happened without my neighbors and family. They are the most unselfish, most helpful people in the world!!!

Once we got the playground loaded, safely returned home, and unloaded, the excitement began. As recommended by my pal, Supah D, and many others on the reviews, it was MOST helpful to do what I spent the next 4 hours doing........


I took 2 hours to sort the 5,000,000 (and exaggeration, but pretty darn close) bolts, nuts, T-nuts, lock washers, washers, screws, pan bolts, carriage bolts, etc. etc. You get the point.

I put them together and labeled then in their own Ziploc baggy. This came in handy when going through the directions and we just had to find the baggy and go!

With a break to attend a neighbor's birthday party and after sitting around the fire and getting half wasted, I came home to begin sorting the 4 boxes of lumber and parts. I spent another 2 hours measuring and labeling the lumber with yard sale stickies. We kept those in their original boxes. This was also a huge help. (Of course as we went through the directions, I kept stating 'Thank goodness I sorted all this' lol. I wanted all the recognition I could get in this process :))

My brother, Andy, and my parents traveled down to help us out. With all 3 of them working the next day, I felt terrible, as they spent the entire day outside busting their butts in the heat. We worked from about 10:45 am till 8:00 pm with breaks and lunch and dinner. We made a fabulous team. Hubby would get the next couple steps set out and ready for us, Mom and I tackled the kids and making sure my brother and dad followed the directions, while they did the building. What's going to work? TEAM WORK!
Even Hubby and I completed the rock wall and ladder all by ourselves!
But it is up and almost complete. We only have to put together the canopy together and it will be 100%.
The kids had fun playing in the tube slide while we tried to figure it out. It kept them out of our hair for awhile. The box was a lot of fun too! lol.

Here it is...with all the sweat, dedication, and love that went into it.

Of course Mommy and Daddy remembered sunscreen on the kids but forgot to keep reapplying on ourselves!!
Thank you to all who assisted with their help, tools, and time. We love you all and the we appreciate you more than anything!! :)


Cameron said...

It is awesome and I am so HAPPY you finally found one on sale and that you liked. The kids will love it as much as all the kids in the neighborhood!!! LOL....but it helps to make the hours go by and they truly enjoy it. It is worth the money for the amount of years they will use it. Also, the sweat and tears is worth it. I remember those hours we put ours up with family....7:30am---till sundown. I know how appreciative you are!!! ENJOY.

Sara said...

What a fabulous playground! I'm sure your children will get many years of enjoyment. :)

Mary said...

We had a fun day helping you with the playset. It was so exciting to see Syd jump up and down and say My Slide, my slide!!!
Happy playing!
love you,

Lisha said...

they are loving the playground! We can't get them off of it!! Syd loves her slide and Noah loves the glider!!

Staci said...

woohoo! You guys will LOVE it! It does seem like there are millions of pieces! I was FOREVER labling as well!!! Happy swinging! :).... wait that doesn't sound right ;)

That Girl said...

very nice!