Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day Camping Trip

A friend of mine through my Mom's Group, LeeAnn, came up with a great idea to go to Greenbriar State Park for an overnight camping trip for Father's Day. So, Amy, LeeAnn, and I packed up our kids and hubbys and headed there Sunday into Monday for a night of fun.

After getting there we checked out the beach, made lunch, and picked our campsites. During lunch, the kids made their way to the playground, where a nest of yellow jackets was stirred up. Sydney went down the slide and was stung on the face and leg multiple times. I wasn't sure how she would react, so Amy gave me Benadryl and Motrin just in case. She was scared for a while and was hurting but thank God it happened early because she quickly forgot.

Tents were popped, camp was set up, and the kids started to play. Life. Was. Good.

We wrote down some of the things that were said during the trip. Hubby took my car and I have them in the car. I will update later with those. They are too funny!!!

On Monday, we headed down to the beach after taking down the tents and such. We didn't last long thanks to the bird who woke Syd up at 6:15 that morning. She was whiny and crabby and I couldn't take it any longer. The rest hung around all day. I was not going to be miserable all day when all she needed was a nap. But we had a great time!!!

Happy Father's Day to my hubby. You are simply the best.


Staci said...

It looks like you guys had a fantastic time :) Sorry Syd got stung :(

Sara said...

I'm glad everyone enjoyed the camping trip! I love going away with other friends and their families.

Cameron said...

The pics are awesome and looked like everyone had a blast. Poor Sydney and the bees. Glad she was not allergic to them. Did you use the kick ass bed in the tent? Happy Father's Day (belated) to the men!!!!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

That sounds like SUCH a good time. I wish I had that idea!

Lisha said...

Thanks guys. We did enjoy it. Noah told my neighbor today that he had so much fun. It is nice hearing him say that to someone else. He doesn't always communicate it to us. :)

Liz said...

Sounds like a fun trip. Other than the bees of course!