Friday, June 12, 2009

New Arrival

My backyard has been vacant for years. And lately things have been changing and developing. We first started by putting in a veggie garden which is slowly growing even with lack of love and nurishment. Yet, it is our first experimental garden from seed. It needs establishment, so this year it has begun.

Then, we filled our oh-so-small-postage-stamp-size yard with a huge playground. (I am definetly not complaining about the size of my yard because we don't to spend endless hours mowing and can spend the time doing more productive things with our children). But our yard now looks like we have kids, and I love it!

And today as my son was doing his daily ritual of bug hunting, when he spotted a Robin flying out from under our deck. He went to investigate and to his surprise...he noticed that we have a new arrival. One baby Robin and an unhatched egg. I give these babies about 3 days before the neighborhood cats find them. We have one cat (won't name any whom is known for his hunting skills and eating of baby birds...and I pray that these adorable baby Robins survive. I want this Mama bird to come back! The kids now have a new lesson on baby birds and they get to watch them grow....I pray.


Staci said...

Neat! I saw robin eggs shells and looked high and low but could not find the nest.... I hope they get to grow up and leave the nest!!!

Cameron said...

I had eggs too (just the shells) but could not find the nest either. I am so glad you spotted these and I pray the cat doesn't find it. Beautiful lesson for the kids (as long as the cat stays away...LOL)

Sara said...

Love the robin nest! Sooooo adorable!!!!! I hope they survive the cat and are able to fly away in a few weeks.

That Girl said...

awww how neat!