Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Things said today

Do you ever feel like you say the same things to your kids everyday? And have you ever noticed that they eventually aren't effective?? Well, I kinda got sick of hearing my voice today since we were stuck inside and noted some of the things I constantly say. I was annoyed with myself as well. I finally realize how mentally UNstimulated my mind is being home.

1. Share please.
2. I said Share please.
3. Get down Dog!
4. Outside? to the dog
5. I love how we are all playing so nicely!
6. I love you.
7. You are such a good boy/girl.
8. What would I do without you? (to the kids lol)
9. Mommy just needs to go to the bathroom alone.
10. A bath again?
11. Stop fighting.
12. Time to eat!
13. Wash your hands.
14. Time OUT!
15. Clean it up! Clean it up! You can make it fun to do!
16. Eat your lunch.
17. Go to your room for 15 minutes till I say to come out.
18. Quiet time!
19. Wanna watcha some tv? PLEASE???!!!!
20. Go play on the playground.
21. You guys want to color or play play dough?
22. Let's play Ring Around the Rosie/ Hide and Seek

Now for the nice ones...

23. Can I please just unload the dishwasher without you up my butt?
24. Do you need wiped?
25. Hold on, you have boogies.
26. Seriously, can you put up the lid Noah?
27. Put your wrappers in the garbage children.
28. Err..there are things sticking to my feet! Didn't I just sweep?
29. Noah give it have been bug hunting for 2 hours!
30. Syd, clean your room for crying out loud!

I am sure there is more. What do you find yourself saying to your kids EVERY DAY???


Sara said...

Yes, I find myself saying the same things over and over. I'm like a broken record!

Staci said...

ditto the broken record!

My faves:

You have got to be kidding me!!
Be nice!
You're such a good brother / sister
Madison you are the best helper
Where does the pee go Mad?
sit down
don't chase the dog
was that kind
I love you
Can I have a smoochie?
and the list goes on and on!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

LOL!! I'm the same way. Same things, day in and day out. I might as well just set up a tape recorder and save my breath!