Friday, June 5, 2009

Where does time go?

As usual, things seem to hit me at once. I used to be very sensitive and emotional, but I see how time seems to change those things. It usually takes quite a bit to get me crying, like the Season Finale of Grey's Anatomy, A Baby Story on TLC, and big moments with my children. Weddings don't even do it for me anymore. I used to sob at the smallest things, but I guess I have "toughened" up a bit.

Back at the beginning of my marriage, Hubby and I used to argue, I would sob and sob so hard I could barely breathe (dramatizing that my life and marriage were ending), but it has been YEARS since I have gotten to that point. Now I just say, "Honey, I'm over it. If it is that miserable, there's the door." And about 10 minutes later, we resolve our disagreements (which usually only have to do with me stating that I hate him going to poker so much. That is about all we find to argue about anymore.)

Well, sobbing was a major part of my evening and morning. I have ruled out hormones. So, the sobbing is just sobbing, not hard ass crying, just a sob sob sob....because a couple major things (major to me) have occurred.

1. Today was Noah bug's last day of Kindergarten. I can't even believe it. He will officially be a First Grader when he comes home today. Where does the time go?? I remember *this post* I did for his first day of kindergarten and it seems just like yesterday...really it does. Yesterday. And here he is heading out the door for his last day of Kindergarten! He has grown and matured so much this year. Last night Hubby and I sat and watched this cheesy video of him when he was two. I love to hear him babble and talk to me. I sob. And sob. And sob. He is now 6 and still as sweet and as amazing as when he was born.

Bye my Little Man. I am so proud of you. I will see you at 3:45 as a grown-up first grader!

Here is the video of Noah when he was two....listen carefully to his mumbling...he was trying so hard to get his words out. Those cheeks....I just wanna eat em up!

2. Sydney's big milestone has had me sobbing as well. Syd recently turned 3 and I swore when she was 2 that we would get rid of the binky, but Syd seems to do things on her own when she is ready, so forcing her or encouraging seems to slow the process...for example potty training. She did that when she turned 2. That was all by herself (with a little teaching by her big brother).

So the binky thing we knew would happen when she was ready. And she is ready. The last two days she has taken her naps without her binky...her precious binky. Wednesday night she went to bed without it and woke up at 3:30 asking for it. I took it in (because I am not fighting it since I knew she went to bed without it eventually she won't need it when she wakes in the middle of the night). She went back to sleep and woke up without it. It was under her crib. Last night she went to bed without it and never woke up asking for it. It is now 9:02 am and still haven't heard a peep. She did it!! No binky. My baby is now a big girl. :'(
I realize now I am ready for my final child more than anything. My kids are growing and I have that maternal desire to have just one more child. Watching them grow and become their own little person is a beautiful thing. Sob. Sob. Seriously...where does the time go?

What the is a video of Syd when she was ALL about her binky. I love this video except for my annoying voice. She was so little...only 18 months old and those cheeks....gosh I pray our future baby has those cheeks like Noah and Sydney. Figures that Blogger can't take a big ol' video over one it has to be Youtube.

Off to clean this wreck I call a home and get things ready for the fun-filled beautiful weekend ahead. I will be back to read all your blogs and see how life is going for you.


Therese said...

Big milestones, aren't they? It certainly does go fast!

Cameron said...

So cute! I love looking at old videos but it is sad because it makes you realize how fast time goes by. I have the same feelings you do. When I look at Cameron, I realize he is going to be 4 and I wish with all my heart I could give him a sister or brother. He is Mr. Independent now and I love watching how he is changing, thinking, expressing himself, etc. Children are priceless. I hope #3 comes along for you soon. I know how much you want one. CONGRATS to Noah for being a 1st grader. You are right, this year went by fast. I can remember you loading him on the bus and I called you real fast to see how you were doing. Life just can't seem to slow down. Before you know it, we will be paying for college. SCARY. Hang in there today girl. Be a proud mama. You deserve it. He has done outstanding in school. And BIG KUDOS to Sydney on the binky. What a big girl!!!! I love how she beats to her own drum and decides when she is ready...Cameron and her are so much alike in that way. No wonder they speak that "special language." They are probably sitting there chatting about when they think they will get rid of the binky (Sydney) or go poo poo in the toliet (Cameron)....too funny.


Call if you want to cry some more. I could either help make you laugh or join in with you. (;

Staci said...

ADORABLE!!!!! Your babes are so stinkin cute! The school year went by quickly! I cannot believe my baby is starting preschool in the fall.... They grow way too quick!! GO SYDNEY with no pluggie (the binky in our house) I had mixed emotions when we took Anthony's..... They grow too fast!
Congrats Noah to graduating into First Grade! What a big kid!! :) I have a feeling its gonna be a FABULOUS summer for everyone!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I used to get all choked up at everything Buddy did - he was born extremely prematurely, so we didn't know if we'd see him meet ANY milestones. With the 2nd one, I'm totally over it. LOL.