Thursday, July 9, 2009

Be back soon....

I have been so busy lately. I have taken on as many projects as possible to get 'caught' up with life, so I will be on less and less till I get back from the beach.
We are leaving Saturday for Myrtle Beach area and will return next week. If I had my choice I would just move down there and never return, but that isn't a choice. However, I am blessed to have the opportunity to enjoy a beach vacation with my family.
It is usually just Hubby, Me, and the kids, but this summer, we talked my Mom, Dad, and Grandfather to join us for the week. We rented an oceanfront beach house with a pool. I am so excited to not have to take an elevator up and down to the beach and back, as we usually do when we stay at a resort.

Growing up, we often got a house close to the beach or on the opposite side, and I love the idea of being in a "house" opposed to a condo. I can't wait for my kids to make cherished memories with their grandparents and Great-grandfather.

Prayers for a friend who has had her second miscarriage after the 20 week point. I pray for her and her husband, who want children dearly, that the third time is the charm. She will be a super Mother and God will bless her with a baby.

I will be back to catch up on all your wonderful, entertaining blogs as soon as I return. I am taking my laptop, so I will try to check in with some pictures throughout the week.


Cameron said...

Enjoy your trip!!! You will be missed. I have been sending your friend prayers since you told me about it. Great seeing you today!!!

Staci said...

Have a FANTASTIC trip!!! You guys are gonna have a BLAST!

Sara said...

Enjoy the trip girl! We almost always bring my family with us and LOVE it. :)

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Enjoy the trip - we'll be waiting on you when you get back.

You might want to mention blood clotting disorders to your friend (antiphospholipid antibodies, lupus anticoagulent... there are a few others - a simple blood test can test for all of them). I have lupus anticoagulent and had to take blood thinners in order to not miscarry. (I've been pregnant 9 times, have 2 children - it can take a while for doctors to test for these blood disorders). My heart goes out to your friend.

That Girl said...

Have a great trip!! I know you will. I love the beach.