Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm back, well, sorta

I am quickly writing this blog as the computer is mine for the next oh...20 mins as Hubby has Noah up at the pool and I got to come back (willingly) with Syd. She just was not in the mood for swimming.
Gotta make it quick as Hubby will return and demand his time to play "Bejeweled Blitz" on FB. He can't stand not being in first place, therefore he is hogging MY computer time.
I pray that the game crashes and isn't back up and working till he goes back to work in September!
So, here I am ready to blog about my wonderful beach trip.
Myrtle Beach July 11-18, 2009
We typically stay at a resort either in North Myrtle or Myrtle Beach, but this year we went for an ocean front beach house in Garden City, SC. We were blessed to have my parents and my grandfather join us for the vacation.
They left Saturday morning and graciously took Noah with them. They got down there, checked in, and enjoyed the house Saturday night. We left at 11:30 pm on Saturday night and got there about 7:00ish on Sunday morning.
I was so excited to run out on the beach and get my toes in the sand!
So, my Mom, Syd, Noah, and I ventured out across the dunes to the beach. No crap, I find the one nail that is sticking up 1/4 of an inch and snag the bottom of my foot on it. I bled till we got back to the beach house when I took a closer look at the tear. It took my top MILLION layers of skin and torn it back leaving a flap of skin with a huge hole in my foot. I cleaned it out but it hurt like hell.
How does this sh*t happen to me? Seriously, I wasn't even there 20 minutes when this happened! Needless to say, I hobbled around and whined like a 4 year old the rest of the week.
Sorry, no pictures were taken of that. It was WAY too nasty even I, picture queen, could not bring myself to snap a shot of it.
We ate out all week at some THE tastiest restaurants ever. We spent most of our money eating out at the restaurants in Murrells Inlet. Amazing. Simply. Amazing. Food.
We ate at Creek Ratz, Drunken Jacks, and Flo's Place. Personally, my favorite was Drunken Jacks. The atmosphere looking out on the inlet, the kids catching crabs below us, and the fact that Hubby and I got to go alone (for an anniversary dinner) made it that much better. The hushpuppies with honey butter were to die for. Seriously. Met my needs. And yes, I love them so much I would marry them.
We also hit up a terrible seafood buffet. Seafood buffets are so overrated anyway. However, my mother falling off her chair and my sweet tea made the trip that much better :) Sorry Mom, your misfortunes did make everyone, I mean our family laugh.
Then, we went to Bojangles for lunch one day and Dick's Last Resort for some laughs. I was a little worried about taking my family here given that they don't always have the sense of humor as I do, but they played along and seemed to enjoy it once they were given their hats. And yes, I do have pictures, so I will add those below too!
We ate in one night of the week. We had planned for more, but seeing that the restaurants were so yummy, we couldn't stay away.
This is the first year that we didn't hit up the 5,000 attractions. We didn't go see our usual Dixie Stampede, Alligator Adventure, or Ripley's Aquarium (which once you have seen once you have seen enough). We did, however, go to Broadway on the Beach a couple times for shopping and walking around. We took the kids to see Under the Sea at the 3D IMAX theatre. They LOVED that. We went to Barefoot Landing once which was enough. We spent most of the days on the beach, in the pool, and in the house spending time with the family. And that in itself was awesome. We had no desires to run around. My parents took the kids to Brook Green Gardens in Murrell's Inlet. The loved seeing the animals, statues, and the flowers.

I apologize for the hundreds of pictures, but I uploaded them for family through my Picasa Web Albums and is just faster to add it on here than upload more pictures again. I know you understand :)

Now that I am home, I am moving my daughter over to another bedroom in our home. It is bigger and she needs the space for all her girly toys. So, I painted it a pink shade and still need to work on the trim before I snap pictures and post. I also have to get caught up with this crazy house. I had it spotless before leaving for the beach, but as usual, it is back to it's disorganized state.
And as for as decisions, we are still working on baby number 3 and we have made the decision that I stay home another year. So, here I am. I will continue my oh-so-boring blog and try to keep my sanity!


Sara said...

Welcome home!!!! I'm glad you had a great vacation. We leave for Myrtle Beach on Friday, July 31st. Can't wait!!! I'm looking forward to seeing pics of Sydney's new room.

Cameron said...

WELCOME HOME...WE MISSED YOU. I love the new background picture to your blog...very summertime---ish. (= Glad you wrestled the puter out of Shane's hands for a moment. LOL Have a great night! The pics are great! Glad you had a blast with your family.

supah ~d said...

welcome home1 SEe you in a few!


Evil Twin's Wife said...

I missed you! We usually stay in North Myrtle too and hit Broadway and Barefoot Landing at least once each during our stays! It sounds like you all had a wonderful time!

That Girl said...

I have never been to Myrtle Beach but hear its nice. Glad you guys had a good time and welcome back!!

Staci said...

Welcome home! We are heading to Surfside on the 15th and cannot wait!!!!

OMG the hushpuppies are D.I.V.I.N.E!!!!! They are soooo my favorite thing to eat!

Glad your trip was great and loved the pics!!! They made me more xcited for vacay! You will have to tell me about the alligator place... Would Anthony dig it?

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