Monday, July 27, 2009


I have nothing to say.

No great advice. No wonderful news. Just nothing.

I am sitting here at almost midnight patiently waiting for my hubby to get home from poker, so I no longer feel lonely. I find myself keeping Sydney up late with me (usually till 10:30). Then I have someone to chat and cuddle with. I would keep Noah up too, but he would still get up at the crack of dawn, whereas Syd sleeps in.

I guess I could do some updates on my oh-so-boring-life. How's that? Sounds great huh? Okay well, lets start with Noah.
Noah: Driving me nuts. New cube organizer for his room. Hope it helps with keeping his toys organized. New room darkening blinds. Hopefully he starts to sleep longer than the crack ass of dawn. Cuddled with Syd this morning in bed while she slept. He kept saying she was so adorable. Melted my heart. Wants to go back to the beach. If only I were rich. Stepped on his third honey bee today. So much for saving the honey bee population and learning his lesson on wearing shoes outside. Lost his Star Wars toys for tormenting the dog. Told me I was so beautiful as I got ready yesterday. Boosted my ego for the day.

Sydney: Told me 10 times today that she duves me. And kisses me on the lips. So my heart melted those ten times and watching her with Noah. She played all day in her new "big girl" bedroom. Not sleeping in there all night. Coming to my room in the morning (way too early morning). Found her this morning downstairs at 7:00 (after going to bed at 11 pm). Brought her back to my bed. She tells me she has to poop. Hence the 7:00 waking. Trying the baby gate at her door tonight. Drew the cutest people today on the dry erase board. I wanted to keep it forever. She said it was a ghost and Scooby was coming. Loves Scooby Doo. All-time Fav. Pigged down 2 pieces of pizza tonight. Then kissed me with sauce all over her face. I loved it. Talks for things that have no ability. Made the dog tonight. I laughed my butt off.

Me: Finished reading my friend Mary's book, My Sister's Keeper. Cried my eyeballs out. Walked 3.3 miles with my friend Amy. Still haven't showered and that was 4 hours ago. Gross right? I should be doing that instead of this. Moved Syd's room, painted, and organized all three bedrooms with only mine left to tackle. Too bad I can't find it under the 30 loads of laundry. Maybe tomorrow. I feel accomplished. Got tickets to take the kiddos to a small amusement park in PA. Looking forward to that on Wednesday. Got Cub Scouts Thursday. Just not feeling that. I feel so "not communicated' with. I have terrible gas. I opted for a Fiber One bar today for a snack and that is the outcome. So stay clear. Sweat and Gas. Hot combination. Have no memory. Been a terrible friend to many. Irritated by my hubby's inability to "try" to recycle with us, put things back where they belong, and his negative attitude today. I am happy. He should be too. Trying to find one more kid to babysit so I can pay my bills. Harvested my lettuce in my garden. Waiting on cucumbers, beans, and tomatoes. I am so excited it has taken off! Been working on catching up on your blogs. I apologize but hubby has a Facebook addiction. Heading to shower. I stink. lol. Night everyone.


Sara said...

I'd say you had plenty to say, didn't you? Thanks for the update! Keep writing and I'll keep reading. :)

That Girl said...

your nothing was very informative! lol Its good to just ramble sometimes.
have a great day!

Sara said...

Love the picture of Noah kissing Sydney. Melts my heart and makes me want a little sister for Aiden.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

It seems like you do have something! :-) It's nice to get stuff out like that.

Courtney said...

I love reading about your "nothing".

P.S. Good luck with the room changes for Noah. Gabriel does a MUCH better job keeping things tidy with the cube organizers (he has two with green bins). The room darkening shades haven't helped much - he still wakes up at the crack of ass!!